Master’s Nats

So, yeah, I had a great time racing master’s nationals. It was a nice safe course. 75 minutes, which pretty well flew by. I actually felt just fine, lacked a little bit of snap but not too bad, all things considered. It was a really small field and pretty much felt like a local race. I missed the break of 6 and the field sprint was a little crazy, so I wound up 16th. My friend Chris who came out from TN ended up just missing the win by maybe half a bike length to another friend, Darren. 

Going to give it another shot in Vegas next week! 

Kelly went through the 9th layer of hell dealing with our Morgan though. I don’t know what the kid was on about, but man, it got to be a bit much. Like where you want to start asking “who’s kid is that over there?”. She’s an amazing girl in general, but wow, tonight she was not a lot of fun. Here’s to a better tomorrow! 

Time Will Tell

So, I have a big deadline tomorrow. I’ve done all I can do and now I mostly just wait for orders. Okay, not completely as I’ll help write a lot of the orders tomorrow. I know I’ve done more than any year to date. It can be a little stressful making your living 100% on commission, but I like it. But, you know, fingers crossed. 

In other news, I went for it and registered for the master’s national crit champs today. I had to go up to the road race course (at Snowbasin Resort, outside of Ogden) to reg. This actually worked out really well as I needed to see dealers in the area. Seeing the road race finish made me pretty glad I’m not doing the road race tomorrow! 

The circle will now be complete as I’ve done Junior, Under 23, Elite and Pro nationals, but this will be my first time at master’s.

One of my inside guys for one of the brands I work for is coming out tomorrow to do the race on his way to Interbike. I would probably never have registered if he weren’t coming out, so I’m glad he is. Plus he is staying at our house…Hopefully tomorrow night is better than tonight for my kids, ’cause if not, he is in for it! They have been completely nutso all night. 

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit for print.

Farewell and adieu.

Pee-town Cross #2

Woah, buddy. Did I get worked. Probably not as bad as last week though.

For starters, in 25+ years of bike racing, I think this was the closest to home I’ve ever raced. Maybe a mile. So nice.

It was hot. Like low 90’s, which for cyclocross is ridiculous. And the course was all super thick grass. Oh em gee, I felt so slow out there.

Anyway, as mentioned, not quite as bad as last week. Probably mostly due to the bike being put together slightly better. Still got lapped by your winner, Jamie Driscoll and a couple other guys.

After the race, our 10 year old took a digger on the playground, running into a bar nose and teeth first. Her nose was bleeding pretty profusely and I’m really hoping her teeth aren’t damaged! She pretty well bit through her tongue, but she was mostly concerned with her lip being swollen though. She’s can play rough, but is still a girly girl at heart and wants to look her best.

Went to Kelly’s folks place after, which remarkably is even closer than our house, and had some ice cream and said our good-byes as they are heading back to Long Beach tomorrow. 

Oh, and I probably missed my chance to do the master’s national crit champs this weekend. Duh, forgot to register. If I can’t find a way in, we’ll go watch and I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Still trying to finagle my way in though!


You thought I’d quit again, no?

Yeah, I’m not so very good at this keeping up thing. But, I am trying!

Anyway, we’ve had a great long weekend. Saturday we took Morgan out to Ft. Bridger, WY for the Mountain Man Rendezvous. She stayed with our neighbors/her bestie and, of course, had a great time. We spent the day there, which was really fun, but I guess the real shenanigans happen at night when they kick out everyone not in costume and it’s full on mountain-man-lock-down.

Sunday we churched it up and…not much else. I have come to really enjoy a day of rest. Although I still get antsy sometimes.

Today I took a little cross ride and hit up some local trails in the morning, before taking the family (minus, Morg, of course) for a hike around Sundance. It was such a glorious day. Picture perfect. Leaves beginning to change in the high country, sunny and bright. We rode the lift up and hiked down, which was pretty much idea with kids. From there, we went almost straight to a bar-b with the in-laws. A pretty perfect day, really.

Save for the kids (now including and perhaps especially Morgan) going absolutely ape at bedtime. Whatreyagunnado?

Anyway, more p-town cross on tap tomorrow. Big week with a BIG deadline on Friday. Then, racing a national championship on Saturday (?!?) and off to Vegas on Monday…I should have some stuff to write about. 

Buenos nachos, amigos.

Pee-town #1

Missed a couple days of posting there. Oopsies! I was on a roll though.

Anyway, did the first P-town Cyclocross race of the year today. It was a doozy. Here’s comes all my excuses:

We were late and got there as they were lining up

Picked up bike last night. Should probably have ridden it at least once to make sure stuff was tight (it wasn’t)

Borrowed Kelly’s pedals and the tension is horribly low, so basically anytime I pulled up hard my feet came out

And finally…I just am not very good at cyclocross racing. I’m all for honesty. I figure it’s going to look like I’m improving really dramatically next time though, so I got that going for me.

Kind of a hit to my confidence keeping in mind I’m racing a national championship in a week and a half, but whatever. 

Tomorrow I have a 10:00 am appointment in Grand Junction, so I’ll be up and on the road early! Wish me luck.


I timed things just right today as I finished my big ride with just enough time to change, and walk over the neighborhood block party. 

End of post.

Not really, but yeah, that was pretty much perfect, which was good as it was a rough night. We had a huge storm roll through. Long story short, our window well filled up and I ended up kneeling in the mud at 5:00 am, slinging bucket after bucket out of the well, whilst the heavens rained down upon me with lightning popping off all over. 

Somehow, I managed to pull a muscle in the process.

And then a beautiful day. New snow on the mountain peaks and highs just around 70! Did a big loop totaling around 80 miles and then the block party was good fun. It is super nice to know your neighbors and enjoy their company.

Anyway, it’s late, I’m tired, so I’m peace-ing out now.

I get all the news I need from the weather report.

So, we’re getting some crazy weather up here. It’s only touched the low 80’s a couple times this week and we’ve had thunderstorms almost every day. Pretty wild. They even said it could snow on the highest peaks tonight! That’s not really that unusual, I guess. Just that it’s stayed cool for so long in August. Feels like fall, for sure.

Today Kelly and her mom went to Education Week (yes, it’s actually a week long, not just a day) at BYU. Actually, they’re still there. Anyway, I took the reigns and went into full dad mode. I had some work to do, which is alway challenging with the wee ones around. Managed to take a little ride pulling the rikshaw while the older girls were in school. Otherwise, nothing to report there.

Hopefully this latest storm currently raging through is done by morning. Hoping to get in a longer ride!

Kelly’s home now, so I’m signing off.