Not sure…

…if I can stick with this either, but it’s a start. Kinda works with my no photo rule. What do you think?

Ha! Remember when blogs got comments! I mean once in awhile someone will throw you a bone with a pity comment, but it’s just not like the golden days of 2005, now is it? Maybe I need to be more provocative to stir up more debate.

I probably definitely really need to update the other little pages attached to it too. Not even sure what they really say anymore.

Anyway, things here are still rocking. I keep waiting for winter to hit in earnest, but it’s just not time yet! We had a little snow in the mountains on Sunday, but today was like 65 and sunny. Which is a-ok with me too. Must be challenging for the resorts though…blow snow all night and watch it all melt during the day.

I always default to weather when I don’t know where to go with a post.

Kinda lost it and did zero exercise for a week and a half or so, but I’ve been back after it this week. I felt super fat, so I’ve done a few runs, which I think I’m enjoying more than ever.  Bit of riding, of course.

Halloween was sweet. We have a solid routine in place where I take the girls around and Kelly stays home and passes out candy. As an added bonus, her brother usually comes over and hangs out with her. We got some good mileage in. Enough that the younger two not only got into the stroller, but refused to get out of the stroller when we got to houses, like “eh, I’ve got enough candy now”.

Next up we have a few trips planned. Kelly and I will fly to Arizona for a friends’ wedding. This is big time stuff for us as she’s never been more than a night away from the kids and we basically never fly anywhere together. A week and a half later, we’re driving back to AZ for our annual visit to my mom’s. Then, we’ll be only a few short days from ski season and Kelly’s work starting. Should be exciting times!

Now if I flake on posting for a month, at least you’ll know what we did!

You know what I need to do?

Update the look of this blog! So dated. And yes, I hear the color offends some peoples delicate eyes and makes reading difficult. I’m sorry to put you in such a lurch. I’ll try to do it, really. Maybe don’t hold your breath though, to be safe.

Anyway, Kelly’s all over this one, but we went to St. George for the kids’ fall break. It was awesome. We did two nights at Sand Hollow Reservoir where we were lucky enough to be serenaded to sleep by some mariachi music and then moved to Snow Canyon for one night. Snow Canyon is probably one of my favorite places in the world. So beautiful. Six people in one tent. The kids did great though. I think they were pretty wiped out, so they went right to sleep or I did and they were quiet enough not to wake me at least.

Last night was the last P-Town Cross race. Pretty sad. We had a great thing going with the cross race and then Taco Tuesday. I didn’t go out with a bang. We got back from camping Monday night and then I barely slept that night, so by the time of the race Tuesday evening, I wasn’t super motivated. Then, I burped some air out of my tire and that was enough to convince me not to suffer any more. I rode one more lap super easy, which was fun as I got a new look at everyone else racing.

In other news, I picked up Felt Bikes for Utah, which is a big deal for me. Pretty stoked. Still juggling 3 bike lines! And I love them all, so hopefully I can keep it up.

Anyway, that’s all I have for the moment. Peace out, yo!


I really suck at keep this biz up to date.

I think we left off at the state crit chumps, which was weeks ago, which is months ago in dog months.

Anyway, since then I’ve continued to do the Tuesday night cross races. I am getting better, but not quick enough. We have a sweet new tradition of Taco Tuesday after the cross race, which is just perfect. It’s like it was meant to be. There’s only 2 more races though, so that’s kinda sad. Maybe I’ll actually do a weekend cross race for the first time in years. Really wish there was some road racing, or more specifically criteriuming to be done. Fitness is there.

Anyway (#2, for those keeping track), enough about bike racing.

I’m out in Colorado at the moment, doing that whole work thing. It’s keeping me busy, that’s for surely. I do have some big news there, but not quite ready to put it in print.

My big thing I’m working on at the moment is being happy. I mean, I am happy. Happiest I’ve ever been. But I want to work on showing my kids I’m happy. I feel like I’m always in such a rush to do whatever task- getting ready for school, walking to school, getting ready for bed…whatever, that I never show them a fun side. So I need to change that.

Alright, that’s all for now. Go in peace.

State Crit Champs

Hey, it’s a bike race blog again!

Well, last night was the final stop of my bike racing reunion tour. Our state criterium championships, The Harvest Moon crit. The course was maybe a little short for my liking, but it was a good, fast, aggressive race. At only an hour, the right combo was never found and it was field sprint city. I felt pretty fast (what a difference a few weeks makes), but made some big errors on the last lap and you just can’t do that. Ended up 7th.

Great having the fam-bamily out to support.

Keeping in the bike race frame of mind, I also did the P-town Cross race Tuesday (of course). My skills still suck, but I could tell I was getting way better physically. From getting lapped twice(!) the first week, still getting lapped by the top 5 guys the 2nd, to finishing on the lead lap. In 10-15 years, I should be crushing these things!

Back in the real world, things are going great. Work is still really busy, but it’s going well. Kids are good. We’re due to go do a fall colors hike/lift ride at Sundance today, but we woke up to rain, so that could be on the back burner.

5 Days in Vegas= XX Years off your life

I’m a couple days back from my annual “vacation” in Vegas and woooheeee, was it a whirlwind.

I left Monday morning around 4:30…the plan was to leave around 6:00, but then a kid woke up and I was like “I can stare at the ceiling for an hour or I can just go”…so I just went. Dirt demo all day Monday, followed by a quick ride. Got to stay in a house one of my brands rented that night.

*Side note, this is the day the big flood came through and wiped out the 15, so I was lucky I was down there early.

Tuesday, I got up early and rode again! My partner from CO came in early that morning and we were back at Dirt Demo, followed by a sales meeting/dinner and finally getting to our room for the week.

Wednesday was pretty full up with meetings and then straight out to ‘Cross Vegas. By the time that was over, I crashed pretty hard.

Thursday was even more full up and then I went and raced a criterium sponsored by Zappos. I rode the master’s race. It was fast. I was way better than at master’s nationals until I came apart with about 7 laps to go. Ended up 8th. We were going to hang out for the pro race, but then a drunk or something walked into the women’s pro field and they cancelled the rest of the races. We had a couple close calls in our race too, including one with a wheelchair, so you know, crowd control could have been better. Went out to ice cream and then took all the guys I was with back to their house and then back to the strip. My CO guy flew out that night, so I had the place to myself, but I was pretty worked so it was promptly to sleep.

Friday I had a couple more important meeting and then got on the road in a hurry. My headlights went out the night before. I drove around Vegas with my brights on, but figured that would be moreso frowned upon in Utah, so wanted to make it home before dark. With losing an hour with the time change and an extra hour detour due to the flood, I had my work cut out for me, but like a true driving professional, I persevered.

Got home and ,of course, had a massive case of the Interbike flu. Seem to be finding my groove now…just trying to catch up on all the work!

Master’s Nats

So, yeah, I had a great time racing master’s nationals. It was a nice safe course. 75 minutes, which pretty well flew by. I actually felt just fine, lacked a little bit of snap but not too bad, all things considered. It was a really small field and pretty much felt like a local race. I missed the break of 6 and the field sprint was a little crazy, so I wound up 16th. My friend Chris who came out from TN ended up just missing the win by maybe half a bike length to another friend, Darren. 

Going to give it another shot in Vegas next week! 

Kelly went through the 9th layer of hell dealing with our Morgan though. I don’t know what the kid was on about, but man, it got to be a bit much. Like where you want to start asking “who’s kid is that over there?”. She’s an amazing girl in general, but wow, tonight she was not a lot of fun. Here’s to a better tomorrow! 

Time Will Tell

So, I have a big deadline tomorrow. I’ve done all I can do and now I mostly just wait for orders. Okay, not completely as I’ll help write a lot of the orders tomorrow. I know I’ve done more than any year to date. It can be a little stressful making your living 100% on commission, but I like it. But, you know, fingers crossed. 

In other news, I went for it and registered for the master’s national crit champs today. I had to go up to the road race course (at Snowbasin Resort, outside of Ogden) to reg. This actually worked out really well as I needed to see dealers in the area. Seeing the road race finish made me pretty glad I’m not doing the road race tomorrow! 

The circle will now be complete as I’ve done Junior, Under 23, Elite and Pro nationals, but this will be my first time at master’s.

One of my inside guys for one of the brands I work for is coming out tomorrow to do the race on his way to Interbike. I would probably never have registered if he weren’t coming out, so I’m glad he is. Plus he is staying at our house…Hopefully tomorrow night is better than tonight for my kids, ’cause if not, he is in for it! They have been completely nutso all night. 

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit for print.

Farewell and adieu.