Redneck Mullet Raceway

So, RMR… The only time I have done any of the “pre-season” races, it was pretty much not a positive experience.  However, the last time I went out there was maybe one of my favorite gaming stories ever, so I think I might just ride out there tommorrow and see what all the hub-bub is about.  On that note, Hardwood got his name in the paper yesterday for being the big winner the last couple. 


Welcome to the World…

I forgot to mention that my stinky hippy brother had a kid… Welcome to the world, Zenobia Lilly.

Apparently, Zenobia was a popular name at some point in history.  That time is not now, but you know, it’s not about popularity, right? 

Good Times (not the show)

My man at BYU Chris gets the “ride of the day” award for Saturday for doubling his mileage for the year in one ride.  We were not noodling either.  I thought he was gonna pass out at our “UC Style” St. Patrick’s Day celebration that night.  Sleevie gets an honorable mention as his knee has kept him out of commission for the past month and a half or so.

In other news, Sandy was going pretty good at San Dumass, and got some KOM points before crashing out.  Sucks, but at least his form is there.  Watch out, Utah, it’s been years since you’ve seen the Sandros on such form.

I have been sleepwalking lately.  Pulling some weird stuff.  I used to do it all the time in college, but it’s been a few years since my last episode.  Kelly saw one of those “Dateline” style shows where the husband kills the wife in his sleep, so she’s kinda freaked.  Usually she wakes me up and I’m moving furniture, or climbing in the closet or something, so not too dangerous at the moment.

Morgan is on the verge of crawling, which is kinda scary because it’ll make watching both kids that much harder.  Haley is her usual self and wore out Sleevie’s purse dog Saturday night.  I took her out in the trailer for an hour and a half Sunday and she actually wanted to keep going when we got home, which is a first.  I’ll probably wait another month or two before loading both kids in the doublewide.