Yeast Infection Canyon

Yeah, I will be out there tommorrow.  Luckily, someone from my team named Marc is on top of his stuff and got our team in.  In case anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about- they limited the field (as in all categories) to 300 riders and a lot of folks didn’t make the cut.  I guess parking is the issue.  I’ve gotten in trouble here for criticizing, so if I can’t say something nice, I’ll shut the hell up.  Wait, I can say something nice.  I am glad I am in and get to race my bike.  It’s odd to me that this race draws such a big crowd.  I don’t see the pull of it over other local races.  Anyway, I am pumped.  I’ve never ridden well there, but bring your A game all the same.

More male modelling this afternoon:

“If there is anything that this horrible tragedy can teach us, it’s that a male model’s life is a precious, precious commodity. Just because we have chiseled abs and stunning features, it doesn’t mean that we too can’t not die in a freak gasoline fight accident. ”

Derek Zoolander Eugoogoolizing.

Coaching Update and Special

Yeah, so my coachees are smoking.  Not literally, ’cause that would be bad, but they are ridng bikes fast.

1st- Team Frozen Hog- Jason Asay

1st- Team 24 Hours of Old Pueblo- Jason Asay

1st- Team 24 Hours of Temecula (and fastest lap)- Jason Asay

1st- Hell of the North Cat. 4- Jason Asay

1st- Frozen Hog- Kellie Williams

3rd- ICUP St. George- Kellie Williams

Got a couple others who are about to pop off some big results, so stayed tuned.

On that note…

Coaching Special

For any senior or master racer who pays full price, I will “sponsor” a junior with free coaching.  So if you’ve been thinking about coaching and have a junior (son, daughter, neighbor, whatever) you can basically get a two-fer.  Hit me up at turbo _ ryan at hotmail dot com for details.

My coaching bio (no I don’t always talk about myself in the third person):

About Ryan Barrett:
Despite being under 30 years old, Ryan Barrett has over 20 years of racing and coaching experience. A self-proclaimed “lifer”, Ryan has coached riders to state championship medals and category upgrades, and has assisted at a USA Cycling Collegiate Women’s Camp. The bulk of his coaching experience has been with licensed junior and senior riders, but Ryan works with anyone who is interested in improving their cycling.
Ryan has raced with the Schroeder Iron and NetZero professional teams, as well as the US National Team, and competed in many of
America’s most prestigious races including the T-Mobile International/San Francisco Grand Prix, First Union USPRO Championships, USPro Criterium Championships, Redlands Cycling Classic, Cascade Cycling Classic, and many more. Ryan was featured in the full-length documentary “The Hard Road” about the NetZero team, is still an active Category 1 racer, and is the current Utah State Road Race Champion.  Ryan lives in
Provo, Utah with his wife and two daughters.

Bye Bye Pretty Boy

stolen from  

Italy collects Basso-related blood bags

Spanish paper details Fuentes connection

Click for larger image

Italian cyclist Ivan Basso looks likely to face further investigations, including DNA testing, regarding his involvement in Operación Puerto. Last October the Italian cycling federation (FCI) investigation against him was shelved, and he was freed to sign with Discovery Channel. However, Spanish weekly magazine Interviú has published further papers detailing the 29 year-old’s relation with Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes.

Tuesday morning, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that there is interest from a Procura italiana (Italian public prosecutor, likely Bergamo anti-doping lawyer Cristina Rota) to have the bags of blood labelled ‘Birillo’ (allegedly Basso’s dog’s name) and with the number 2 brought from Madrid to Italy. It states that this transfer, like what was done in Jan Ullrich’s case, could happen sometime in the coming week, where the prosecutor could then ask for a DNA sample from Basso.

This morning Ivan Basso is slated to arrive in Charleroi, Belgium for the start of the Flèche Wallonne (Wednesday) and the Liège-Bastogne-Liège, but according to Belgian’s HLN, Basso, under increasing pressure, will not start. (He faced similar pressure from his former team, CSC, at the end of 2006 when he missed out on the Giro di Lombardia.)

Interviú detailed previously unpublished papers connecting Basso with Fuentes. This article contained what it said was circumstantial evidence implicating the rider, including: 1) An agenda with a schedule of blood extractions and transfusions since 2004. In the agenda the pseudonyms ‘Birillo’ and ‘2’ are used. 2) Payments in 2004 of around €35,000 and another €6000 for the freezing the blood (or “gastos de Siberia”), and an advance payment of €70,000 in 2006 ‘to be defined individually’; there was also a message received from Fuentes in Italian which talks of a Zurich bank account. 3) The analyses of blood, which could have been done in November 2005 in Madrid, with haematologist Merino Batres, a collaborator of Fuentes. The Spanish Guardia Civil suspect that the cyclist visited Madrid at least three times but he has always denied being there.

Further, the weekly magazine noted telephone recordings collected by the Guardia Civil, one that said ‘Birillo had arrived with Simoni at sixteen seconds’, This would seem to refer to Giro d’Italia stage seven, won by Rik Verbrugghe, where Basso finished 16 seconds back with Gilberto Simoni, Davide Rebellin and Serguei Gonchar.

Yeah Louder!!

Go to any bike site if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Our man almost won the stage and put himself into the top 5 GC… probably for good.

A day like that is what keeps bike racing cool.  (Almost) All the G.C. favorites got hosed and lost half an hour.  I guess radios really aren’t the devil and the riders really aren’t zombies… at least in Jo-Jah.

I Didn’t See a Single Otter…

What a rip-off.

Anyway, Sea Otter was pretty sweet, outside of the racing.

That pretty much sums it up.  It was windier’n Kansas and cold.  What the?  I left warm and sunny Utah to go to cold as California.  Somethings weird here.

It rained really hard Saturday.  Hard enough that they called the women’s pro race.

It was cool to see all the different bikers get together, but I think this whole thing is a big money maker and that’s about that.  Somebody is rolling off this deal.  And I’m not hating, I just should’ve thought of it first.  Outerbike.

Got a limited edition Sly Fox E 100 Trading Card.  I should’ve gotten that thing signed.

I hate watching bike races.  More specifically, I hate watching pro road stuff live.  Watching the dual slalom and stuff is a’ight.  I wonder if I’ll ever get over it.

It’s a long drive across Nevada at 75 miles per. 

That’s about all I have for now.