That Did Not Go According to Plan…

The astute reader will recall that Haley had a very brief flu about a week ago.  With a week, Kelly and I thought we were probably safe to go ahead with our trip to Zion.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and after less than a day at camp, I went into full-on ill mode.  Kelly had to take down the campsite by herself with the kids scrambling all over while I writhed in agony with occasional vomit breaks.  Then, she got to drive home while I sat there in silence the whole way.  We got home around 10 at night, and by 1 she was harfing as well.  Not the way I hoped to spend my precious few vacation days!!

By Saturday, I was pretty good and she was beginning the recovery process so I took the girls out for a ride with Uncle Sleevie.  We found me dragging the rikshaw allowed him to ride at a pace that rested his knee, while I got a good work-out touring the farmlands south of the Prove.  Sleev-o’s big day is coming up and boy am I excited.  I think I am pretty girly when it comes to weddings and stuff.  Or at least, I like it an awful lot when good things happen to my friends.

Sunday was pretty chill. We went up to Cascade Springs, a natural spring that has viewing areas and a walkway around it.  Pretty serene and the girls loved looking at the fish, and waterfalls.  Watched USPro after that on Versus.  It was pretty decent coverage, although the only good shot of T-Bird was George Hincapie working him over.  Neil Shirley’s ride inspired me and I took the girls out for another ride.

In other news, I got into the World Crit Championships, so I guess I should try to get fast in a hurry or something.

Speaking of fast, big Sis was 3rd in her age group in her tri over the weekend.  Apparently, it was frustrating to her that folks were coasting downhills on their tri bikes while she pedalled furiously on her hybrid! 

Cameron won Lotoja, but master of master’s Mark had the best time.  Kirk was 2nd this year, so no more statues in Logan at least for this year.

I guess that’s it for the moment.


15 thoughts on “That Did Not Go According to Plan…

  1. Just noticed the prize list for the pro crit (sic) has been changed from the previous $150k to $10k. Not that it changes to much for me, but c’mon it’s Vegas.

  2. One thing I learned, and not to sound cocky, is that TRI geeks are slow bikers. Sure, they have to run as well, but that’s their own damn fault. Its a crazy sport, especially considering they don’t warm up at all. Hit the beach and onto the bike at FULL (note this is tri-full which is about 25 mph at best) gas. These folks need to drop the running and get faster on the bikes. It’s sad to me when folks show up with $4000 bikes and can barely hold 20mph ave.

  3. If you were training for two other sports at the same time, you’d be slower too.
    PS- $4000 bikes? Can you even get a frame for that?

  4. Its great you got into the crit down in LV. I’m in! Should be a fun event! I saw that too, prize purse from $150k to $10k. I wonder if they advertised $150k just to get pro teams excited about doing the series, go to the races and earning points. Now that the crit championships is just around the corner, and the series races are over, they finally announce their real prize purse. Smells like fish to me.

  5. Sweet. I am glad to have my Utah bretheren to represent with!! Anyway, I think the promoters were “counting on” some things to come in that didn’t and now switched it to look like the $150k was for the whole series. Whatever. I just wanna race bikes!

  6. “Sic” is Latin for “thus.” In writing, you insert sick [sic] as an editorial marker when quoting someone who can’t spell. That way, everyone will know that the misspelling is intentional and that you are smart and the original author isn’t.

  7. So I just heard the course in Vegas has been reduced to 700 meters with six corners and it’s gonna be 100 k. I’m no math major, but I think that’s like 150 laps and more corners than I’ve done all year.
    Getting less and less cool sounding now that I’ve signed up.

  8. It’s not a real “UCI Championship”. The UCI doesn’t view crittin’ as a valid race for that sort o’ thing. That opinion will be validated if the race is actually in a parking lot. They will probably come up with some kind of jersey though.

  9. I distinctly remember the point when I could no longer hold Georgie-Boy’s wheel and looking over at the damn moto camera thinking “I hope to hell that doesn’t make the cut!”… and the rest is history :-/

  10. That’s too funny! Haven’t check the blog roll in a awhile. Slow down in my desk jockey world. Enjoyed T-bird’s post on racing with the “pros” in Utah. I personally love it when you show up. Nothing like seeing you wind it up to 33 without shifting Tuesday night.
    I thought of Tuesday night at Weekly Worlds watching the Versus coverage when T-bird did a few intervals there. I saw one first hand… At RMR 4 days b4 US RR T-bird just wound it up to 33mph on the drag strip straightaway and I was 2nd wheel behind him. Or I should say the windsail behind him. Needless to say I was a blowfish shortly thereafter when some action started behind the oval and he was just on a “training ride” for Sat. I didn’t realize Tues that Uspro was Sat….after that his intervals made sense. Great stuff….that was the fastest RMR I had at 28.1 in the 2nd group.

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