Sneak Preview


This will probably be our Christmas card.  I know you’re all excited that I’m talking Christmas already.  Also, this was about when I first started feeling the rumbly bumblies on the Zion trip.  At least we got a photo in before I harfed.


4 thoughts on “Sneak Preview

  1. I love it when you discuss your harfing on a Monday.

    Check out mini Gardie on my blog today. I dare you to tell me that doesn’t look like him. I dare you. I hope to find mini Turbo somewhere…

  2. The rumbly bumblies!! That’s great. I always called it the “churgle”, a blend of churning and gurgling…I like yours too, well, your wording anyway, not the actualy symptoms. Have fun in Vegas!!

  3. I am pretty sure I stole “rumbly bumbly” in the tumbly from Winnie the Pooh, although I think he (or she or it or whatev) was referring to being hungry, not sick.

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