Vegas on 30 Bucks a Day (Baby)

So, it turns out Vegas is not completely without charm.  I actually had a really good time.  Generally speaking the days were way too full to get bored and any extra time I did have was spent people watching.  And there’s a lot to watch.  It amazes me to see the lengths people will go to for material sense gratification.  I stole that term from the hare krishnas, but I think we all get the point.  Not that I am immune by any stretch. 

Show wise I have nothing to compare it to, but it seemed quite busy and like we had a good response to the new stuff.

Cross Vegas was sweet and made me wish I brought my cross bike.  I probably could have made do on my road bike.  The course was a straight up cross course.  No single track and only one run up/barrier section.  I dig it.  Maybe next year.  Too bad Bart wasn’t there.  He was killing it the week before.  On that note, what’s up with Art wanting a piece of me.  I am the first to admit that I am not good at it, but you are making me want to improve just to smoke you.

Speaking of good, I think I probably had the best legs I’ve had all year before leaving last week.  Not that I’d win any “best legs” competition, but you know that feeling where it hurts, but you can keep doing it.  Yeah, that was me to the tenth degree.   I thought I’d suck by Thursday after being on my feet all week, but after getting up every day to spin my legs out pre-show and doing a long warm-up, I felt pretty good for the first two laps of the “World Crit Champs” Presented by Rock Racing and the Letter F.  Unfortunately, that was when my SRAM rings decided to bend and throw the chain.  I know I am powerful (or not), but these things suck.  I guess they are better for the Red group.  It’s my own damn fault for not replacing them the first time this happene, which was Sea Otter when the SRAM neutral guy helped me out by hammering the ring flat again.  Nice.   If you didn’t catch my drift, I was a bit dissapointed, but I got over it and watched another sweet event.  The Cuban Missile made it look easy after the Kelly team lead out for half and hour.  I’m pretty sure I was going to win.  Or not.  Hopefully, they’ll keep this deal going and I’ll have another crack at it.   Lots of crashes.

Being all caffeined up for nothing, I stayed out late (for an old man like me) that night and watched other people drink.  Actually had a real good time. 

That was a pretty quick recap.  Maybe I’ll add details later. 


6 thoughts on “Vegas on 30 Bucks a Day (Baby)

  1. Down boy, no offense meant. Glad you are giving it a shot. Half the fun of racing is the smack talk (for me anyway). You can and do smoke me on the road and yeah if you got serious about cross probably smoke me there too. Even with my best form I wouldnt last more than 5 laps in a race like Vegas. Anyway no hard feelings I hope. See ya in the dirt.

  2. Yeah, buddy. You know I am right there with ya. I just noticed that you put something up twice and figured I should retort. Looking forward to see what all the hub-bub is about.

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