Separated at Birth?

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I don’t really see it, but I sure do hear it a lot.  As always, my ego remains unbroken and all I hear is “you look like a movie star”.   Works for me.  Thanks for the head-to-head, Marc.

 PS- If you put a picture of Tom Petty up here, I will just replace “movie star” with “rock star”.  Even better.


An Update for Dr. Sandros

Wow, there’s been a fair bit going on, but it’s just not all fit for the press.

Kelly got a new bike  She has never gotten a complete new road bike in her life, which is fairly incomprehensible considering how many I’ve been blessed with.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be shipped off to Tour duh Tucson (aka- The Arizona World Championships of the World).  I’ve never been, so that’s exciting.  I’ll likely do the ride after working the expo a couple days.  It’s 108 miles, and I haven’t gone much over 30 in the past month or so, but that’s never stopped me before, plus I have a couple cross races between now and then to get some power going. 

Word on the street is that Julie (sorry, I don’t call anyone Mistress) is dissapointed in my lack of cross gaming.  I am going to try to do the bulk of the rest of them, but I know I’ll miss the Nov 24 game, as I am going direct from Tucson to my mum’s in Sedona for Thanksgiving.  I will try to pack the cross bike for that trip though as Sedona is like one big trail maze. 

Does anyone else think cross should be starting now and ending at the end of January (or later)?

High fives and stage dives.

AB Ride, Loads of Top Secret Team News, UCA Awards Awarded

So last week was a week that like many weeks ended with a weekend.  Saturday seemed to fall directly between Friday and Sunday. 

I think I’ll focus on Saturday as that was where the majority of sweetness for the weekend happened.

Saturday morning was the AB Memorial Ride.  It was cold and windy when I got there.  Luckily, the weather improved with some heavy rain and snow once we got started.  Seriously, it was awesome despite hypothermic conditions.  It was nice to remember AB and there was a decent crowd, including Al’s dad and step-mom, which was a surprise to me given how late we announced the ride and the weather.  I miss that guy.

This was followed by a team meeting.  As you might expect, it was top-secret.  I can say that things are good and we will have a biker gang again next year.  Bigger and better things for the future.

That night was the UCA Awards.  It was tight.  Gardie was on rare form.  Even for Gardie.  I don’t think he is reading this, but maybe Sandy or Sam can help me out:  How do you guys sleep at night?  Are you so wound up that you just never sleep or are you so tired after being you all day that you are out before your head hits the pillow?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Bike Gaming in the News,5143,695219510,00.html

Yeah, I got my name in the paper.  The story is pretty much about the Monavie guys dominating Moab, howev.  Also, nice to see the Jack Mormon Militia finally get their due.  If you don’t know these guys they are bringing tuff back.

I am looking forward to the day when I open the Des New and read a quote ending with “says the press secretary at Turbo Cycling” or somesuch.

Thanks, J_E for getting some props to the local gaming scene and esp. for mentioning Allan’s ride.  I know the weather is looking crap for Saturday, but if you can make it, please do.


So, I was just doing some reflecting and found some great thoughts and memories from folks back when the accident occured, which brought back a lot of emotions.
Cut and pasted from
The world of cycling lost a integral member Thursday night in Las Vegas. Allan Butler was struck and killed by a taxi cab that had run a red light, as he crossed “The Strip” at approximately 3am. Allan was unconscious at the scene, but still alive, and after transport to the hospital, was pronounced dead early Friday morning. This comes as an immense shock to all of his family and friends. He had been attending Interbike again this year, and was planning on returning home upon the conclusion of the event.

Allan is survived by his wife Jenny, his daughter Odessa, his mother Tammy, and his father Kevin. Allan was a member of the Logan Race Club’s Healthy Choice-Goble Knee Clinic Cycling team. He had raced with the LRC since the 2002 season. Allan had traveled to Europe, including racing with Bernard Moerman, during the early days of the American Bicycling Center. Allan’s local and regional palmares was deep with multiple stage race wins. Most recently he had secured the Utah Cycling Association’s year-long overall title as the best Category 1-2 rider. Additionally he had numerous one day victories throughout the intermountain west and was regarded by everyone as the consummate gentleman on the bike.

Funeral arrangements are currently underway. Additionally, a charity ride is being planned to benefit Allan’s wife and daughter. Further information will follow as it becomes available.

Sandy Perrins and Ryan Barrett
2005 Healthy Choice Goble Knee Clinic Cycling Team

I can’t believe Allan Butler is gone. I have been putting off writing this thinking it is some kind of bad dream. Unfortunately, it’s not. Allan and I have been teammates the last two years on the Healthy Choice/ Goble Knee Clinic team. From the first time I met him, I liked the guy. Allan was the type of racer everyone wants to be. This year, he won two stage race GC’s in the final stage of the race. He also won the Utah Cycling Associations Season Title, one of our team’s primary goals. But what really impressed me with Allan is how he rode when he was not “on form”. Allan was always there, always battling, always willing to throw down for the team, doing whatever he could possibly do to help our team win.

Off the bike, AB was that guy that everyone liked. In cycling, most of us have some people we don’t really get along with. On the other hand, I cannot think of anyone who didn’t like Al. Although he won a lot, Allan was always a gracious loser; the first to congratulate those who won. Just an all-around cool guy.

Allan leaves behind his wife, Jenny, and his 9 month old daughter, Odessa. Jenny has been the biggest supporter of the Healthy Choice team. There are not many people who will stand in a feedzone for a hundred mile race in crappy weather with a baby! I will never forget the trip I took with Allan and Jenny to the Boise Twilight Criterium this year. Odessa was absolutely the light of Allan’s life. He never stopped talking about her. She has the most infectious smile and looks a lot like Allan.

In closing, I want to say I am thankful for getting to know Allan before his time came. When we return to racing, I will keep Allan in mind. To everyone reading, throw down for AB!! That is how he would want it. And off the bike, remember to tell the people you love how you feel, you never know when they’ll be gone.

Ryan Barrett
Healthy Choice/Goble Knee Clinic CT

Allan Butler. We miss you already.

I really don’t know what to say, other than state the facts. The cycling community lost one of its members over the weekend in Las Vegas. Allan Butler was a fierce competitor on the bike and one of the nicest guys you’d ever care to meet. He leaves behind his wife, Jenny and their less than a year-old daughter, Odessa.

I’ve been trying to make some kind of sense of this and just can’t. Although I hadn’t spent much time with Al in social settings, I spent countless hours wheel to wheel with him training and racing. Al could always be counted on to be up for a good, long ride any time of the year. He was the kind of rider who you felt lucky to be in a break with because he always pulled his weight and, as the finish drew closer, you would be cursing yourself because you knew that he wasn’t going let you off with anything less than your best effort in the finale. He was ALWAYS gracious in both victory and defeat. On training rides he was a pleasure because conversation wasn’t limited to the usual cycling banter and recently he loved nothing more than to tell you about his new edition to the family in his daughter, Odessa.

I know I’m going to miss Al particularly when the training season begins here in a few more weeks. Last year we started it off together on his favorite ride up Immigration Canyon and to the top of Big Mt.

My heart goes out particularly to his team members on the Logan Race Club. I know these guys are as close-knit a group as you’ll find anywhere and they just lost their Captain.

There will be a fund-raising effort for his family. Signed jerseys from Levi Leiphiemer, Dave Zabriskie, Jeff Louder and myself will be on eBay soon. Please spread the word.

There is also a memorial ride in the works and I will post the particulars here as they become available.

I just have one last thing to say. I know a lot of people like to say that God needed somebody “up there” more than we needed him “down here”. I just want to state for the record that he was doing a fine job down here, thanks.

Burke Swindlehurst

Like everyone I am crushed about what happened to Allan. It does not now nor will it ever make sense to me. I have had the privilege to be both a team mate and rival of Allan’s over the past 10+ years. As a team mate he was the best. If he was in the break you just knew that you could sit back and cover any moves secure in the knowledge that he would finish the job. As a competitor there was no worse sight in the world than to see Allan coming up to the break you were in, because you knew you had a real fight on your hands then.

I remember a few years ago at the Eureka RR my team mate Chris Humbert and myself off the front with Allan going up the final climb. Chris and I were licking our chops at the prospects of double teaming Allan, we were sure that one of us would win. We threw everything we had at him that day. He calmly covered every attack until he finally countered and Chris and I could do nothing but watch him ride to the win. After we limped across the line Al was the first one to congratulate us on a good race, saying something about the good draft I gave. That was classic Allan, even after completely crushing you he could make you feel good about it. A true gentleman.

The peloton won’t be the same in Utah ever again.


I too have been trying to wake up from this terrible nightmare that won’t go away. I have known Allan Butler since I was 17 and admired him on the Einstein Bagelry team and then the Rhodes team. As a lowly Cat 4-5, I watched Allan with great admiration and hoped and dreamed to one day ride with him. The year I upgraded to a Cat 1-2. I was so excited to be riding in the same group as Allan. I could hardly wait to learn from him. I remember being so excited to introduce him to my wife. Through all of this, I never thought I would ride next to him as a teammate, but my dreams came true this year as I became a member of the Healthy Choice-Goble Knee Clinic team.

During this year, my admiration of Allan has only grown. As I continued to discover the amazing athlete, but more so the amazing person and friend he was to me. Allan and I spent a long miserable day together at LOTOJA 2005 and he proved to me his extreme talent and skill on the bike.

I also had the opportunity to travel with Allan to many races and spend time talking about life and cycling with him. Firstmost on his mind was his beautiful family and his love for them. One of the most admiral things about Allan was his positive nature, he was never pessimistic and always learned from his experiences. I have the utmost respect and love for Allan, Jenny, and Odessa. Allan was always thinking about his family and was always excited to show us pictures of Odessa. He was so proud to be a father and a husband and loved his two girls with all his heart.

At this time my thoughts and prayers are with Jenny, Odessa, and his dear family. Allan will be greatly missed by all who knew him and especially me. I am honored to have known Allan Butler and will never forget the life lessons he taught me on and off the bike.

Nathan Thomas

Allan Scott Butler 1976-2005

Dear LRC Family,

We have lost one of our very own, a rider, teammate, friend, and brother close to many so of our hearts.  Allan Butler was struck and killed by a taxi cab while crossing Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas on Friday morning.  He was attending the Interbike show and was planning on returning home after the event.

Allan was an LRC Elite Team member since 2002, one of the original five that first established the LRC racing dynasty by winning the overall UCA team title that year, a distinction we have defended and been honored for in every racing season since.  Allan had just secured his place as the #1 ranked rider in Utah for the 2005 season this fall.  We have been so proud of his accomplishments and contributions…and he himself was always so proud to be a part of our LRC family, remaining fiercely loyal to us over the years despite numerous attractive offers from other teams and clubs. Many of you here in Cache Valley had the privilege of meeting him, as recently as this fall, as he always made the effort to thank the club for its support by coming up from SLC to our TNRs and club banquets over the years…just to get to know more of us.

Words will never express what Allan has been and meant to so many of us, and the grief we feel for his loss.  He was an irreplaceable part of not just our LRC family, but the entire cycling community in Utah as well.

Despite his inspiring talent and undeniable dominance, he was always gracious in both victory and defeat and was regarded by everyone in the cycling community as the consummate gentleman and ambassador on and off the bike.

Allan is survived by his wife Jenny, his daughter Odessa, his mother Tammy, and his father Kevin.  He is also survived by those of us that have been graced with the blessing of not just having known and loved Allan as a LRC member and teammate, but more importantly as the incredible human being that he was.  We will never forget his beauty.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, October 5, 2005 at 11 am at the West Jordan 29th Ward, 6695 S. 2200 W. Family and friends may visit an hour prior to services at the church and also Tuesday evening from 7-9 p.m. at Redwood Memorial Mortuary, 6500 S. Redwood Road. Interment to follow services at Redwood Memorial Cemetery. In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be sent for Odessa to Elizabeth Lockette at Morgan Stanely, 2645 E. Parleys Way, SLC, UT., 84109.

Additionally, a memorial charity ride is being planned for this coming Saturday, October 6th at 9AM in Salt Lake City to benefit Allan’s wife and daughter.

Please, please come and ride with us this Saturday as we remember Allan. It would mean so much to his family and friends…and to those of us in the club that love him so dearly.  Formal announcements and details of the memorial charity ride will follow.

In Allan’s memory,
Marc Yap
Logan Race Club

Al truly was a gentleman.

Yet another Al-note: He stayed at may parents house in Bend, Oregon for the 2002 Cascade Classic. Throughout the week, he was true pleasure as a team-mate and house guest.  Courteous, aware, and generous.  My parents totally enjoyed his and Kirk Eck’s company and hated to see them leave.   When he departed, Al left my Mom some flowers, my Dad some coffee and a bottle of wine and a thank you note to them both.  Classy.

Scott Martin

Allan Butler – All-around Good Guy

I got an email Friday morning saying that Allan had been in an accident and passed away. I couldn’t put it together and make sense of it. I had just spoke with him the previous Saturday at the Ogden criterium. On the drive home that night, Dona was telling me how she talked with Allan after the race to congratulate him on a great effort and all he could talk about was Odessa and how proud he was of her. She had kept her new shoes on all day. Proud dad. The email made no sense. There’s no way Allan could be dead. Then my phone rang and I could see it was TMac’s number. I knew he was in Las Vegas at the show, had heard the news and was calling to tell me. Immediately, memories of Allan started to roll. Here’s a few to add to all of your long lists of positive Allan Butler memories.

My first year of road racing in 2003 was impressionable. I watched the Cat.1-2 riders closely to understand how to become a good racer. I had heard plenty about Allan. I didn’t meet him until mid-season that year, but I knew he was well-respected as a tough no-nonsense racer. At the Jeff Roger’s Memorial Eureka Road Race I saw why he was respected both on and off the bike. I can’t remember his exact placing, but he was in the money…probably top 3. He walked up to accept his award, and when he did, he turned to Jeff Roger’s wife and handed it to her. I will always remember that gesture and be impressed by it.

This year, we’ve witnessed Allan’s tenacity numerous times. He is an impressive racer. Two criteriums come to mind. Unfortunately, I was watching from the sidelines for one of them. There was a criterium at Thanksgiving Point for the Tour of Utah stage race. It looked like the pace was brutal. One of the SeaSilver guys got off the front and was destroying it by himself with the pack not making a dent in the chase, even with the high speeds. After a few laps I see Allan attempting to bridge up solo and he is moving quickly away from the pack. He caught the SeaSilver racer and they worked together to stay off the front until the last lap when the SeaSilver racer attacked. Allan was able to roll across the line clear of the pack for 2nd. You could tell he was disappointed to not win, but he still had a smile on his face. I read something someone wrote on Friday about Al being a gracious winner, but even a more gracious loser. We could all take a lesson from his example.

The other criterium was at the Gate City Grind stage race. Allan had rode a fine road race, a great time trial, and was less than 30 seconds out of the overall lead before the criterium. We were all duking it out for one-day glory since most of us couldn’t go for the overall. Al timed it perfect and attacked with Aaron Jordin close to the end of the race. They worked super hard together, Al won the criterium and moved himself into the overall lead to take the stage race win. It always seemed that he would give it everything he had in races and this was no exception.

I hope everyone has some good memories like these about Al.  My thoughts and condolences go to his family.

David Harward

Dear Utah Biking Bloggers…

Please Soften The Funk Up on using the expression “HTFU” or it will quickly go the way of “Keep It Real”.


Turbocycling.Wordpress.Com Managment Team

Turbo Cycling International Productions Unlimited Unincorporated

Utah Word Police

Grammar Patrol Union 34

UVSC Crit.

Didn’t do the cross race.  Needed to get stuff done around the house and didn’t want to miss the crit as UVSC.  Double flatted on my way there and borrowed some “other” wheels- thanks to the kindness of strangers.  It was a decidedly low-key affair.  I guess going up against ‘cross and 24 hours of Moab in October combined with the fact that no one knew about it did not help boost enrollment.  They ran all the categories together on a very technical course, which would have been nuts in a full field.  Not a straight away more than 100 meters long.  I went hard from the start as it was a course where you are faster alone than in a group.  I won and got a $45 gift certificate to a nice Italian restaurant, which is better than some UCA races this year.  Even though it was not the deepest field of the year, I am glad I supported these guys (UVSC cycling club).  They are trying to get some more racing going on in the UC and I will support them in any way I can.