Cross, Tour of USA, Franken-steen, Phone Home

Got the cross bike off road for the first time yesterday.  Figured I should try that before the race on Saturday.   It was the sweetness, although I was less than graceful.  Actually, it was my first ride since the World Crit Champs of the World, so I guess that was my off-season.  Maybe I’ll try to take another one in January or something.  Still need to take the road pedals off my cross bike.  If it’s dry this weekend, I may not bother.  The brakes are completely not right either, but I won’t get them straight until at least next week.  The good news is that they only slow you down.

We have a sweet course right by our office, so I am trying to implement the Interoffice Wednesday World Cross Champs of the World, but no one seems as excited as me.  If you are in the greater West Jordan, Utah area at lunch time on Wednesdays, come by.  Actually, the lunch ride almost always goes off, so come by any day.

In other news, some dude proposed the Tour of America at Ibike.  Sadly, he meant the Tour of the United States of America and it is only going to be 4 weeks.  That is pathetic.  It should cover all of the Americas.  Seriously, I think it is a retarded idea.  If you have $11 mill for the races, why not add a couple days to the big tours that have started over the past few years, resurrect some others (Tour of Utah?, K-Mart Classic, DuPont), throw in some huge one dayers (San Fran) and start a couple teams.  Makes more sense to me.  I don’t buy that it would promote dopage however.  People shoot up for the 100 meter dash, moreso than RAAM, so that doesn’t really add up for me.

Morgan is walking less and less like Frankenstein by the day.  I couldn’t believe how much better she got in the week I was at Interbike.  I am pretty sure she says “dog” and “dad”, but you really can’t tell them apart, except that she points at whatever she’s saying.

I left my phone charger in the room in Vegas, so if you called and I didn’t call back, it’s not that I don’t love you.

I reckon this post was a bit all over.  I am like that.

Oh yeah, and Sam Krieg is holding my shoes hostage.


2 thoughts on “Cross, Tour of USA, Franken-steen, Phone Home

  1. I am pretty sure if you do it you win by default. Unfortunately, the prize list will be dramatically reduced from $11 mill to 1 kick in the balls.

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