Road Biking

Just when you thought “the season” was finito.


The question that remains is can I do the cross race and this in the same day and will I be able to convince the Kelly to drag the wee ones around for all this?


10 thoughts on “Road Biking

  1. It kinda bugs me that there’s summer weekends with no racing within 3 hours and there’s 2 races within 45 minutes of my house in October. I am not complaining about having races to do now, but about now having races to do then. Yes, I should stop whining and put on some races.

  2. It’s a criterium less than 10 minutes from your house. And you’re the current Utah Criterium Champion. I don’t know about the cross race (though it is held at RMR where the most popular weekly criterium goes down so maybe that means you’re obligated to race that too) but I think you have no choice but to race the crit Saturday afternoon. I’m sure Kelly will be more than happy to manage the kiddies if you promise to win and buy her a sweet dinner with all the $$$ you are sure to bring home. Well, maybe you could at least pay for the babysitter with the prize money…

  3. Yo Turbo, I am having a hard time keeping up with the theme and color changes. I think the pink and grey is a bit foo-foo, but you seem to be able to pull off anything, especially two races in one afternoon. My advice: take it easy in cross, slam it in the crit. Of course the weather could make that reversed.

  4. To answer Mark- Yeah, I’ll do the crit for sure. It is too close to home to avoid. Plus, I need to wear the jersey any chance I get. It seemed like when I moved here there was a good bit more crittin’. Again, I should move away from just complaining and do something, but you know, that’s work.
    To the Sandros, Sorry dude, if I show up I am going full gas!

  5. Busy yes. Too busy? I dunno. Stop posting 18 times a day like Sly and I’ll be able to discern one thing from the next. I do like having the photos on the right though. Kinda makes you seem famous. Definitely better than donald duck, and toots your own horn a bit more. Back to work now…

  6. PS- Sandy- wasn’t it like a week ago you complained that I wasn’t posting enough. Please let me know when I get it right.
    The Management

  7. All I ask is something new to read every day or two. I don’t do well waiting a week. I am okay with multiples per day, as long as it does not make your page too busy (as noted above). Hope this helps the management determine just how to lead the “lower” employees.

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