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Yeah, I got my name in the paper.  The story is pretty much about the Monavie guys dominating Moab, howev.  Also, nice to see the Jack Mormon Militia finally get their due.  If you don’t know these guys they are bringing tuff back.

I am looking forward to the day when I open the Des New and read a quote ending with “says the press secretary at Turbo Cycling” or somesuch.

Thanks, J_E for getting some props to the local gaming scene and esp. for mentioning Allan’s ride.  I know the weather is looking crap for Saturday, but if you can make it, please do.

6 thoughts on “Bike Gaming in the News

  1. I’m trying to get a little notebook of cycling news in every other week and also write a few bigger features for the Outdoors or Sports sections on big stuff like when Leipheimer was in town for a cycling camp with Testa and Heiden.

    Of course, local cycling news will wind down a little bit in the next few months, but I’ll pick it up more frequently again in the spring.

    I’m just a newbie racer with no time to train (thanks to the kids and the night job) but I’ll try to make it to a few more races next season and see if there’s a top 10 finish or two in these aging legs.

  2. Rio- You’re going to get me in trouble! Just kidding. But seriously folks, I double flatted on the way there. That is why I am not on the world’s greatest wheels.

  3. dude sorry for not really talkin to you saturday…my phone rang when we were out there in the hall…then you dissapeared man

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