AB Ride, Loads of Top Secret Team News, UCA Awards Awarded

So last week was a week that like many weeks ended with a weekend.  Saturday seemed to fall directly between Friday and Sunday. 

I think I’ll focus on Saturday as that was where the majority of sweetness for the weekend happened.

Saturday morning was the AB Memorial Ride.  It was cold and windy when I got there.  Luckily, the weather improved with some heavy rain and snow once we got started.  Seriously, it was awesome despite hypothermic conditions.  It was nice to remember AB and there was a decent crowd, including Al’s dad and step-mom, which was a surprise to me given how late we announced the ride and the weather.  I miss that guy.

This was followed by a team meeting.  As you might expect, it was top-secret.  I can say that things are good and we will have a biker gang again next year.  Bigger and better things for the future.

That night was the UCA Awards.  It was tight.  Gardie was on rare form.  Even for Gardie.  I don’t think he is reading this, but maybe Sandy or Sam can help me out:  How do you guys sleep at night?  Are you so wound up that you just never sleep or are you so tired after being you all day that you are out before your head hits the pillow?  Inquiring minds want to know.

16 thoughts on “AB Ride, Loads of Top Secret Team News, UCA Awards Awarded

  1. I’m the latter. I go go go all day then turf it hard onto my pillow where I chew thru it for 6-8 hours. Rinse and repeat. Just ask the airlines who kicked my ass this weekend. I’ll be updating complete with photos – one of these days.

  2. Why on earth would we want to change anything when we already have the best bikes out there?! Seriously, we are still on Seven, Reynolds and working with Canyon for 2008. It should surprise no one if I am on a different gruppo.

  3. Well, it is top secret. Starts with “Dura”, ends in “Ace”.
    This does not necessarily reflect the entire team.

  4. I guess what I haven’t said but you’ve most likely guessed is that I might be interested in your old stuff. Let me know if you want to unload your Force shifters and rear deraileur.

  5. They will be for sale soon, but as part of a complete bike.
    If you know anyone interested in a brand new 60cm GT road frame, with new wheels (tbd) and fork, and 8 month old Force kit, lemme know!

    Keeping Tall Guys on Bikes Since 1993

  6. Another tall dude here …

    I’m looking for a used (or new), good quality and semi-affordable TT/Tri bike.

    I’ve decided to give triathlon a bit of a go next season and Doc Testa told me I really should think about doing time trials.

  7. How about selling it with Rival shifters and rear deraileur and selling me the Force components? Force seems like overkill for a GT frame. Rival would be a much better fit in my completely unbiased opinion! 🙂

  8. I don’t have a TT bike for myself, at least not a decent quality one.

    There is nothing wrong with GT you bikesnob. J/K.

  9. Ain’t it difficult rationalizing the expense of a TT/Tri bike knowing it’s the most expensive per minute piece of equipment there is?

    And finding a used TT/Tri bike in my size on eBay is nearly impossible. They pretty much need to be special orders.

  10. Back when I was a movie star, someone once said “we’ll get you a TT bike when you start winning NRC time trials”.
    That stung a little bit.

  11. For the record, the person who said this was quite correct. Even with a TT bike, I was not (am not) going to win a big TT, so if I want(ed) a bike, I need to shell out the cash and get it myself.

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