Separated at Birth?

gallery_napoleon_dynamite_1.jpg turbo.jpg

I don’t really see it, but I sure do hear it a lot.  As always, my ego remains unbroken and all I hear is “you look like a movie star”.   Works for me.  Thanks for the head-to-head, Marc.

 PS- If you put a picture of Tom Petty up here, I will just replace “movie star” with “rock star”.  Even better.


12 thoughts on “Separated at Birth?

  1. Dear Readership,
    You have been blessed with a comment from my actual mom, (Volunteer of the Year by the Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals at their Annual Conference held this past week end in Prescott). See, we are both famous. You can tell it’s actually her because she is the only person who would read the blog and not know that “the guy in the tie” is Napoleon Dynamite of the film “Napoleon Dynamite”.

  2. Hornet and Gardie?? I don’t think you understand the game. Now, if you said Gardie and Fabio, or Gardie and Adonis, then you might be on the right track.

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