Holy crap, best ebay ad since Sam put up all of his cycling crap at Gila awhile back.


Flu Shot = World’s Biggest Scam

So yeah, I’ve never gotten a flu shot until this past Tuesday.  When I used to work at the Children’s Hospital, they offered them for free and I declined.  Someone signed me up for one on Tuesday and I went ahead and did it.  Big mistake.  How about you go ahead and just inject me with the flu rather than the off-chance that I might get it anyway? 

End result, I feel like a steamy pile of crap and have ridden my bike once this week.  If you know me, you know that is enough to drive me mad.  Last week wasn’t much better given all the holiday festivities, so I guess that makes Off Season #2.

With any luck, I am better tommorrow and can make it out to the snow bike race at Wheeler. 

Thanksgiving Pics

I’ll get around to a real post about all the adventures eventually…


The Griswald Family Wagon ready to rock.


Haley and Morgan enjoying a picnic with their cousins Parker and Brandon.  Yeah 4 kids three and under in one house!!  I realize that is nothing to a lot of Utahns.


Mom, Kelly and I keeping it real.  My Mom is on the FBI Protection List and can’t take off her glasses.


Another shot of the kids being kids.


Haley and I hanging on the red rocks.

Coaching Redux

So, the last time I mentioned coaching, I got some feedback that I sounded like I was not a fan of power training.  That’s not the case.  I just find it hard to swallow when some coaches refuse to work with riders that don’t have a power meter.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s their prerogative, but it kinda seems like a way to “weed out the riff-raff” to me and as a large chunk of the guys I work with don’t have tons of extra cash on hand.  My point was simply that the workouts don’t change regardless of how you measure the work being done.  Clearly, power measurement is a more accurate way to measure what’s being done than heartrate, which is more specific than RPE, but from my perspective it’s certainly not a deal breaker as far as coaching goes.

Yeah, so I realize it’s been awhile since that post, but what with being on the road I didn’t have a chance to address the issue until now.  I’m sure you all feel better.

Straight Outta Sedona

Yeah, we are broadcasting live (undead) from Sedona.  The trip has been a blast thus far.  Drove all day Wednesday to get to Sedona.  Back in the car at 5am Thursday to arrive in Tucson by 9, so I could stand on my feet all day.  Totally worked that night.  Wash, rinse, repeat the next day, except without the drive, but an extra 4 hours of bike talk time.

Saturday, I failed to win El Tour de Tuscon.  Make no mistake, it is a race, not a ride.  Check out the results on cyclingnews.  I made it to the first (dry) river crossing in the front 10 or so after starting a couple thousand back(there were 13,000 starters) , but then flatted crossing the river bed.  Game over.  I had a spare tubie (yeah, it’s a race!  Plus, I wanted the bike to look cool in the expo, right?), but only one so I bailed and went back to town, changed wheels and went for an awesome ride, getting back just in time to watch the finish.  Here me now and belive me later, I am coming back next year to crush that action.

Anyway, it was a good time all the same and I met lots of cool characters, which is what it’s all about.  From a work perspective, I think it was more than worth the money, as it is basically only going to cost gas since I crashed on floors each night.  When you are that tired, wasting money for a hotel bed is just that, wasting.  I was going to sleep the maximum permitable hourage whether I was at the Four Seasons, standing up, or behind the wheel. 

So, I have almost a week left on this Odyssey.  I brought the cross bike to shred some trail.  The astute reader will recall that last year I called the road riding around Sedona The Suck.  I am guessing that I was wrong and the road riding is pretty decent, but with all the trails, why bother?

Dig It

November 13, 2007

Phoenix, Arizona  

Genevieve Jeanson, the Canadian former professional racer recently admitted to using EPO, will be speaking tonight at 19:00 local time on the Tempe Arizona based  To listen to the show direct your internet browser to Jeanson has recently allied herself with the RideClean movement, actively participating in their Kidz RideClean program, a community outreach effort bringing a presentation on Bicycles, Balance, and Drugs to public schools in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  RideClean is a non-judgmental movement in cycling that promotes Clean Sport. Please direct all inquiries to:

Busy Day Tommorrow

Yeah, loading up the family wagon for a day of excitement.  First, up to Canyon Bicycles to re-decal the world’s greatest bike for the expo next week.  Gotta have the decals match the SDV’s, ya see. 

Then, to pick up some additional racks for the wagon so I can haul all the crap I need. 

After that, I am going to light up the Intergalactic Utah State Cross Championships of the World.  Luckily, I have learned this week that should I fail to win (imagine that) I can simply proclaim that “the course did not suit my skill set”.  I have a distinct feeling that it may not.  Or my fitness set.  I have been a bit sick this week, so look for the guy with the ten foot snot trail.

Once I am good and sweaty, we will head over to the Oval for the Speedskating World Cup, a big enough deal that I don’t have to add anything to the name.  It’s a little known fact that Kelly grew up speedskating (short track) and that’s how she got into bikes.  Anyway, it’s a big deal.  I haven’t been before, but Kelly has and it should be quite a show.  If you haven’t been to the Oval, it’s worth it just to check out the facility.  It is beyond impressive.  Location wise, it sucks however.

Lots to do before checking out of town next week, but I am super excited to hit the road, jack.  I think the job is lining up pretty well so that as soon as I go completely insane being in the office, I get shipped off somewhere.  I like that.

Anyhoo, TTFN.

Update: The National Race Calendar is up.  From a first glance, I’ll probably do See Squatters (because I have to be there), Madhatters Beach, Boise Nolight, and Tour of Utah.  Hope springs eternal and all that crap, so maybe I’ll do more.

Rock the Vote

Yo suckers of Utah,

I try to avoid anything political (outside of cycling politics, which I love!!) on here, but feel pretty strongly about this one:

Get out and vote against Referendum(b) 1 today.  Vouchers are a joke.  This is nothing more than a way for rich people to horde more money.  It doesn’t help anyone else.  Don’t believe the hype.

Also, go to Sleevie’s site, and check out his videos.  You will learn a lot about the guy, such as what he looked like before the Sleeves (no, he was not born with them), why he is held together with cables, and more.

Love that guy!!

Cyclocrash, and Man Hands

What a difference a month makes… You might assume that November would have worse weather than October in the hamlet of Heber City, UT, but at least for these couple race days, you’d be wrong.  It was mid-50’s, sunny, and dusty as opposed to the windy, snowy, mud-bog of a month ago.  Somethings, on the other hand, never change.  Take for example, my lack of skillz on the cross bike.  I actually got outta the gates okay for once, and was jumping across some gaps as they formed on the 2nd lap, until I took a digger on one of the sandy turns.  That put me in slow-mo for a couple laps, and I dropped back to my final resting spot, lucky number 13.  Coincidentally, I also happen to be #13.  Still not sure what all this HTFU business is about as that hurt a lot less than the average road crash.

Sunday, I had a tree to plant.  Unfortunately, the remains of the previous tree were still there and I had to dig a huge root ball out of the ground.  What looked to be a two hour project ended up more like 5 with a neighbor eventually ripping the tree trunk out of the ground with his truck.  Not before I could completely destroy my hands trying to break up roots with a shovel though.  Seriously, both hands were bleeding.  I did eventually put on gloves, but it was too late by then.  Ouch baby, very ouch.

Some other stuff happened (imagine that) and it looked like someone broke into my car and took nothing this morning.  Not much worth stealing, I suppose.  I guess I should try locking it.