Yeah, so this is pretty much the point in the year where I take on new clients.  Not that I can’t do it later, but this is the point in the year where everyone is making plans to kill it.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, you probably mostly know my story.  When it comes to coaching, I am pretty old school.  I will work with whatever you got (power, hr, speed, rate of percieved exertion) because despite what people might want to tell you, the basics of training have not changed.  I am about time on the bike, resting when you are tired, and using the strengths you have and/or your opponents weaknesses to beat them.

I do montly programs with a 3-month buy-in, consultations, one-on-one rides, team/club discounts, presentations, bartmitzfas, what-ever is needed.

Give me a holla at turbo _ ryan at hotmail dot com if you are interested.


7 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. What are you trying to say??

    Just kidding. I am rolling with 4 people now, and have another 2-3 starting between the first of the year and March. I could probably handle another couple in addition to that before I get too busy.

    It’s not a full-time gig, as you know, but it is something I am into.

  2. You can’t make me fast.

    Less slow is all I’m after.

    Honestly, my goals are modest. I’ll start the year wanting to finish second to last or better in my Cat 5 race. Then move up to third to last or better, fourth to last or better and so on. If I can get a top 10 or two (or five), I’ll be tickled.

  3. I am willing to take your money and send you a schedule of drinking and cheese eating, but you better stick with it! Also, I am pretty good at cheese eating (and cutting), but my drinking skills and background are really weak. You may be able to find a better coach to enhance your ability for these important skills.

  4. I’ve found long bike rides to really enhance my cheese cutting skills.

    Unfortunately, that has not translated into a higher MPH.

    As for the challenge of making me faster, I first challenge you to create two extra hours per day during which I can train.

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