Cyclocrash, and Man Hands

What a difference a month makes… You might assume that November would have worse weather than October in the hamlet of Heber City, UT, but at least for these couple race days, you’d be wrong.  It was mid-50’s, sunny, and dusty as opposed to the windy, snowy, mud-bog of a month ago.  Somethings, on the other hand, never change.  Take for example, my lack of skillz on the cross bike.  I actually got outta the gates okay for once, and was jumping across some gaps as they formed on the 2nd lap, until I took a digger on one of the sandy turns.  That put me in slow-mo for a couple laps, and I dropped back to my final resting spot, lucky number 13.  Coincidentally, I also happen to be #13.  Still not sure what all this HTFU business is about as that hurt a lot less than the average road crash.

Sunday, I had a tree to plant.  Unfortunately, the remains of the previous tree were still there and I had to dig a huge root ball out of the ground.  What looked to be a two hour project ended up more like 5 with a neighbor eventually ripping the tree trunk out of the ground with his truck.  Not before I could completely destroy my hands trying to break up roots with a shovel though.  Seriously, both hands were bleeding.  I did eventually put on gloves, but it was too late by then.  Ouch baby, very ouch.

Some other stuff happened (imagine that) and it looked like someone broke into my car and took nothing this morning.  Not much worth stealing, I suppose.  I guess I should try locking it.


4 thoughts on “Cyclocrash, and Man Hands

  1. Gardie and Gallagher were laughing at my push ups. I’m glad you focus so hard you don’t even notice.

    So much for my special cheering for you. And I even did it in the dirt and poo.

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