Rock the Vote

Yo suckers of Utah,

I try to avoid anything political (outside of cycling politics, which I love!!) on here, but feel pretty strongly about this one:

Get out and vote against Referendum(b) 1 today.  Vouchers are a joke.  This is nothing more than a way for rich people to horde more money.  It doesn’t help anyone else.  Don’t believe the hype.

Also, go to Sleevie’s site, and check out his videos.  You will learn a lot about the guy, such as what he looked like before the Sleeves (no, he was not born with them), why he is held together with cables, and more.

Love that guy!!


11 thoughts on “Rock the Vote

  1. My dad took out 2 mortgages on his house to send me to private school and he was a car mechanic. The public school system let our family down and we were forced to go eleswhere. He was no richy, but a hard working family man. If he could have recouped even a small portion of the tuition costs that could have made a huge difference for our family. He is still paying for it. Have to agree to disagree with you, but thats the beauty of America.

  2. So if the public schools were better you would have been better off, right?

    That’s where money should go.

    Agreeing to disagree, but as it’s my blog, I’ll still get the last word!

  3. I just think the whole system is flawed. My school spent half the amount per student than the govt did and was run a million times better. I agree, teachers need to be paid more and more money needs to be available, I just dont trust the govt to spend it wisely, they seem to pee money down the drain instead of spending it wisely. I know the vouchers will be defeated, but you have to understand it hurt to see my father work so hard for something, I am disallusioned by govt. You get the last word like you said.

  4. Since the election is all but over, I’ll weigh in, too.

    In theory, I think the vouchers might be a good thing. I’m not sold on the current plan though.

    In Utah, I think our publics schools are pretty good, perhaps underfunded, but in general pretty good. Some teachers, though, are horrible. Some kids will not succeed in a public school like they might in a private school where a particular need can be addressed.

    My daughter, a very bright kid, had a terrible sixth grade teacher. The teacher did not care, in our opinion, and did not teach the kids. The teacher was there to collect a paycheck. We tried, but were not allowed to transfer her from one class to another because we were No. 10 in line on the “get our kid outta this class” list and the other classes were overfilled.

    The only options were to stick it out, go to a private school or transfer to an entirely different school. We toughed it out but determined school was just a day care for our 12 year old and we did more teaching in two hours at home than she got in seven hours with her teacher.

    If vouchers can help force public schools to serve its ‘customers’ better I’m for them. In this election, though, I’m not sure the current deal is satisfactory.

    Convince me it’s not ‘full of holes’ as the ad says, and I’d be inclined to vote for it. Not this year, though.

  5. I’d like the taxpayers money to go to best education the money can buy (after all, we pay those taxes to fund “education” not a particular school system). I’m not convinced that it’s currently happening. It’s funny how student’s rights to keep dope in lockers, birth control for 5th graders, saying “God” in non-derogatory manner, etc. are never issues in private schools. If it were, they’d be out of business very quickly.

    Watch this 20/20:

  6. Hey Guys,
    I appreciate all the comments. My initial post was, by design, a little over the top. I pretty much stand by it, but Forrest’s situation proves that blanket statements like “This is nothing more than a way for rich people to horde more money. It doesn’t help anyone else.” are rarely accurate. Anyway, good discussion, now back to your previously scheduled bike crap program.

  7. And, as I said, I’m in favor of a good voucher system.

    I was pretty convinced this one was not a good voucher system. If they do it right (something government struggles with) I may reconsider my vote next time around.

    Now, if you could delete one of my repeated replies (dang sticky submit button) above.

  8. I can understand both sides of the issue regarding vouchers…on one hand, if you want to send your kids to private school, then you probably voted yes, vice versa if you felt the opposite way.

    I have always been very hands on with regard to my kids public education, and had very few problems with the school system even though it was overcrowded…that is until NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND messed it all up. Maybe the concept is good, but the application is fractured and is failing miserably… I could go on forever about this, but here are some hot topics, (inc. paperwork, administration, teaching to a test, stressed out teachers and dummied down cirriculum…) bottom line-let teachers teach, they really do know what they are doing! If not let the administrators do their thing… when my boy who had straight A’s in Science in the 7th and 8th grades, with an overall GPA of 3.4 can’t get into AP classes because there isn’t enough room, only to be placed in a senario that he is being taught to the lowest common denominator(s) in the class… can you say coloring in the 9th grade…enough said, thanks for the forum to rant RB.


  9. Nice one RB! I thought about it, but it just didn’t seem to work with the rantablog I posted…ya know what I mean bra! Oh yeah and I don’t even spell it correctly, I think you are right with the h… old habits brah! I’ll get it…

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