Busy Day Tommorrow

Yeah, loading up the family wagon for a day of excitement.  First, up to Canyon Bicycles to re-decal the world’s greatest bike for the expo next week.  Gotta have the decals match the SDV’s, ya see. 

Then, to pick up some additional racks for the wagon so I can haul all the crap I need. 

After that, I am going to light up the Intergalactic Utah State Cross Championships of the World.  Luckily, I have learned this week that should I fail to win (imagine that) I can simply proclaim that “the course did not suit my skill set”.  I have a distinct feeling that it may not.  Or my fitness set.  I have been a bit sick this week, so look for the guy with the ten foot snot trail.

Once I am good and sweaty, we will head over to the Oval for the Speedskating World Cup, a big enough deal that I don’t have to add anything to the name.  It’s a little known fact that Kelly grew up speedskating (short track) and that’s how she got into bikes.  Anyway, it’s a big deal.  I haven’t been before, but Kelly has and it should be quite a show.  If you haven’t been to the Oval, it’s worth it just to check out the facility.  It is beyond impressive.  Location wise, it sucks however.

Lots to do before checking out of town next week, but I am super excited to hit the road, jack.  I think the job is lining up pretty well so that as soon as I go completely insane being in the office, I get shipped off somewhere.  I like that.

Anyhoo, TTFN.

Update: The National Race Calendar is up.  From a first glance, I’ll probably do See Squatters (because I have to be there), Madhatters Beach, Boise Nolight, and Tour of Utah.  Hope springs eternal and all that crap, so maybe I’ll do more.


6 thoughts on “Busy Day Tommorrow

  1. I think it should be: Intergalactic Utah State Cross Championships of the Universe!

    Come see the best Klingons from the Deygoba system throw down with measley humans in the (cue overly masculine monster truck voice) “MUD mud mud….Kids are free, tickets are just five BUCKS”. Too bad I can’t add sound. That would make it funnier.

  2. I failed to make it to the start line at the Intergalactic World Championships of the World. I really wanted to do it, but sometimes life gets in the way.

  3. I am going to take that as “you are good at crittin'” and not as “you suck at technical stuff”. So, thanks! Seriously, I wanted to do it.
    I left home with the cross bike on top of the car, but the car never made it to Wheeler. The car didn’t break down and I didn’t forget my shoes (or helmet). It’s a mystery.

  4. I kinda sorta maybe remember a tall Sienna rider lapping me 2x at the State Crit Championship of the world on his way to the W. Your darn good at crittin

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