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November 13, 2007

Phoenix, Arizona  

Genevieve Jeanson, the Canadian former professional racer recently admitted to using EPO, will be speaking tonight at 19:00 local time on the Tempe Arizona based Bicycleradio.com.  To listen to the show direct your internet browser to http://www.bicycleradio.com Jeanson has recently allied herself with the RideClean movement, actively participating in their Kidz RideClean program, a community outreach effort bringing a presentation on Bicycles, Balance, and Drugs to public schools in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  RideClean is a non-judgmental movement in cycling that promotes Clean Sport. Please direct all inquiries to: marty@rideclean.net


2 thoughts on “Dig It

  1. Sorry, but a trip to warm sunny AZ is NO excuse for posting a press release as a web log update. I’d like some creative writing please. Don’t let your immense talent go to waste. You’ll lose readers by the dozen if you keep posting press releases. I need something to do when I’m taking a break here in Vermont where the snow is cold, the air is colder and the cows are scared.

    Long live Turbo’s writing!

    Now get on it.

  2. Thanks for keeping on me, Dr. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention above that AZ is breaking records for heat. It was 85 in Tucson and even in Sedona, it’s around 80 today.
    Meterologist Turbo

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