Coaching Redux

So, the last time I mentioned coaching, I got some feedback that I sounded like I was not a fan of power training.  That’s not the case.  I just find it hard to swallow when some coaches refuse to work with riders that don’t have a power meter.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s their prerogative, but it kinda seems like a way to “weed out the riff-raff” to me and as a large chunk of the guys I work with don’t have tons of extra cash on hand.  My point was simply that the workouts don’t change regardless of how you measure the work being done.  Clearly, power measurement is a more accurate way to measure what’s being done than heartrate, which is more specific than RPE, but from my perspective it’s certainly not a deal breaker as far as coaching goes.

Yeah, so I realize it’s been awhile since that post, but what with being on the road I didn’t have a chance to address the issue until now.  I’m sure you all feel better.

9 thoughts on “Coaching Redux

  1. I refuse to work with a coach that requires a power meter. Sure, its the wave of the future, and someday someone might ask me how I actually got in shape without one, but to require one? I think that makes for a lazy coach with no originality. I think someone who can coach based on HR, or even how one “feels” on the bike is a better coach, because coaching is not always about the numbers. Ooo! That might ignite some flames.

  2. In fairness, I understand that some coaches have all their data based around power and having one client doing a completely different program could be tough. Still, I am with Sandy and think riders need to learn how to ride “by feel”.

  3. a bike ride is much more fun, anyways in an uncontrolled atmosphere, what does the 50 watt difference really mean? different tires, bike, wheels, weather, temperature, side order with lunch?

    I may have a 60 min. power output of a Conti pro, but if I lined up with a bunch of conch pro’s I’d be off the back, in a ditch or worse, it doesn’t translate, I do have a powertap, and train with it when i am on that bike, but that is it, perceived exertion is so much better, affordable, undertandable.

  4. Turbo, I agree wholeheartedly and great attitude about it… sometimes it’s cost, sometimes it’s preference…

    Coaching is so much more than that, it’s the motivation to do the intervals ’cause you know you gotta send ’em to coach… and the objectivity of an experienced third party to monitor your progress… It’s cool when a coach can improve your performance, when you couldn’t do it alone no matter how training savvy you are, or hard hard you train… I am glad that Utah has some really good coaches… you can see it in races every year, everyone gets better, even the old guys…

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