Flu Shot = World’s Biggest Scam

So yeah, I’ve never gotten a flu shot until this past Tuesday.  When I used to work at the Children’s Hospital, they offered them for free and I declined.  Someone signed me up for one on Tuesday and I went ahead and did it.  Big mistake.  How about you go ahead and just inject me with the flu rather than the off-chance that I might get it anyway? 

End result, I feel like a steamy pile of crap and have ridden my bike once this week.  If you know me, you know that is enough to drive me mad.  Last week wasn’t much better given all the holiday festivities, so I guess that makes Off Season #2.

With any luck, I am better tommorrow and can make it out to the snow bike race at Wheeler. 


7 thoughts on “Flu Shot = World’s Biggest Scam

  1. Turbs,

    It is fact that you DID NOT get the flu from the flu shot, it is not a live acc. form which maintains zero chance of initiating the flu after innoculation.

    You may have been run down, or in the wrong place, wrong time and caught one of the many things going around (I did as did other cycling buds) or you could have just gotten the flu at around the same time as the shot… Reply back to this with your symptoms and I will offer you some advice based on your symptoms, why?… cause I care and I won’t say b…!

  2. Yeah, you’re the second one to send me the CDC link. Here’s the thing, I realize that I do not have the flu, but if you read their “side effects”, it is basically all the symptoms of a weak flu. So, it still sucks, but it doesn’t suck like being doubled over the toilet sucks, or like holding the garbage can over your face while you sit on the toilet sucks.

  3. Big mistake, not only did “they” give you the flu but using nanotechnology you are now walking around with a gubermint tracking device. The CDC is a front for the huge pharma companies and is run by Kurt Bestor. Anyway hope you feel better.

  4. A quick tidbit on why you feel like steamy crap, not just normal crap: acquired immunity.


    By injecting the dead flu virus into your blood, certain types of blood cells can develop antibodies, or specifically shaped receptors for the surface of the cells that then recognize and kill the flu virus. Interestingly, many of the people in my class who received said shot felt like crap for about 3-4 days. The immune response (dealing with the dead virus and figuring out which receptors to make and place on the cell surface) is, in this case, really steamy (to use your words). I decided against the flu shot. I always feel like steamy shit after getting one, and since this season’s is particularly verile, I wanted nothing to do with it.

    Hope you’re out racing in the snow. Talked to Jared just a bit ago and he says it’s gonna be a MESS! Much fun.

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