Where’s Turbo?


This is from last year, but tommorrow should look pretty much the same.

Camping was a blast, but I don’t have the mental capacity for an update at the moment.


Water is Life in the Desert…

Leaving the beach for 4 days camping in the desert.  Despite reports to the contrary, it does get cold in the desert and lows are looking in the mid-30’s.  Hopefully we don’t freeze!

There is a 10 mile climb right out of the campsite

A Quicky

We did the drive in one shot.  Haley was still not 100% on Friday and we were not at all ready to go, so we banged the whole dang thang out on Saturday.  The car thermometer read as low as 0 and as high as 70.  After trying them both, I prefer 70.

The bikes were filthy from all the salt on the roads in Utah.

Did the group ride this morning with about 200 other yahoos, a bit different than the winter rides in the UC.  Got dropped by some old dudes at one point, but came back with a vengeance.  Yeahhh!!  It is all about group rides.  I don’t know why I bother pinning on a number.

Anyway, best wishes for a very merry and I’ll update when it feels like the right thing to do.

T-Minus Very Little

Big drive back to the LBC coming up.  Not sure if we’ll hit the road tonight or do it band-aid style tommorrow.  Band-aid means ripping it off all at once.  More painful, but takes less time.  It is pretty tempting to make our way to St. George tonight, but that means paying for a hotel room.

I was going to do a post about whiners who complain about “pros” racing master’s at cross nats.  I won’t do a whole post about it, but it’s pretty much like, umm, hey, suck it up!!  Yeah, those guys train more than you, but they are not pros.  They are age-groupers who have decided to dedicate more of their life to cycling than you have.  If you really need a stars-n-stripes jersey that bad, order one on ebay or go race the 55+ tandem nationals, or 60+ sport women’s downhill nationals or something.  

Hopefully that will elicit some comments.  And I just may lose the argument, since I won’t be around to get the last word.  

Oh yeah and Tyler Hamilton is going to Rock Racing.  No such thing as bad publicity!

Oh yeah (again), and yesterday people found this page by searching:

NetZero Cycling (yeah, baby!!)

Dry Mormon (fair enough)

Ryan Barrett Male Model (I wouldn’t make this stuff up!!)

I will try to do some updates from the road, so Sandy doesn’t have to get on my case.

T-Minus Five Days

The weekend was good.  Spent Saturday mostly shopping.  Probably not my favorite activity.  Actually, I was mostly watching the girls while Kelly and Sleevie shopped.  I had a mental image of the two of them arm-in-arm, skipping through the mall, and trying on clothes, but they swear it didn’t go down that way.  In any case, the image is forever burned in mind, and whenever I need a laugh…

That night, Mr. Dingman told me I’d be okay shopping full-time and that training is overrated.  Thanks, coach.

Speaking of people that don’t train that much, Bart Gillespie is my hero; and if you are a full time worker bee with illusions of riding well, he should be yours too.  Or he might just make you jealous.  Either way, 7th at ‘cross nats is impressive.  Big ups to everyone else who went and battled out there as well. 

Sunday was pretty low-key.  Haley got a bit sick on Saturday night, so I stayed home with the girls while Kelly went and taught her class at church.  Then, I went for the best ride I’ve done in months.  I am pretty sure I squeezed 3 hours of riding into 2:15.  Yeah, it was rad.   Please don’t tell me it was cold because when the sun shines (as it did) and you dress properly, it has to get really cold to be “too cold”.  Was that a run-on sentence? 

Anyway, the countdown continues…

T-Minus One Week

Yes, I am counting down the days until my next big adventure.  I would count down the hours, minutes, and seconds, but I am not that good at math.

It is cold and I am looking forward to being somewhere warm.

The astute blog reader will recognize this as my standard “winter break” (I am a student of life, right?).  Off to Long Beach for a few days, out camping in the desert for a few days, back to Long Beach for a few days. 

Gonna meet up with this guy to talk wheels and blog posts.

Group rides.


New  Years.

Who knows, maybe a bit of surfing?

One week.  I am not one for wishing my life away.  Mom taught me that.  Who knows what excitement could befall me betwixt now and then, but yeah, if you can’t tell I’m pretty amped.

Sorry Sandros

…but the muse seems to have left me.

Honestly, I’ve been a wee down in the dumps as of late, and you know- “if you don’t have anything nice to post, don’t post anything at all”, right?

I could make fun of Vino and even moreso the Kazahkstan feds one year suspension “just in time make benefit glorious nation of Kazahkstan at the Olympigames”, but it’s too easy and I think it’s run itself into the ground.

When a team like Astana announces their “internal testing” program, you gotta wonder if anti-doping somehow jumped the shark anyway.  Not really, of course.  There remains plenty to do there, but you gotta start wondering who’s program is for real and who is just hoping to keep a ProTour (if that even exists) license.

Alright, I guess you got me started. 

This weekend welcomed the arrival of Hollywood Nate Loyal back to Utah.  He and his fiancee Stacy came out and did some boarding.  I think they probably had pretty good timing considering the dumping of snow we got in the days before their arrival.

I rode rollers for the first time in a long time on Saturday and rocked the cross bikein the snow for a bit on Sunday, interspersed with lots of snowplay with the girls.  Got out on a fixie yesterday for the first time in probably ten years, which I really needed. 

Anyway, I gotta kill this post now.

Closing thought:

“When the Day Comes” 

Give my eyes to the blind, and give my ears to the deaf.

Give my legs so that children can run, take my heart and give it to someone wounded by love.

Burn the rest and let it spread by the wind.

Give my eyes to a man that has never seen the sun rise, a smiling child, or the love in a woman’s eyes.

Burn the rest and let it spread by the wind.

Remember me through a nice word to someone who needs it.