Snowball Fight and Bike Game at Big Wheeler Farm

EDIT AGAIN- Even more action this way:

EDIT- Even more hot guy on guy snowball fighting action here:

As is usually the case when the weatherman predicts we won’t get much out of storm, we got hammered here on Saturday.  Big Wheeler Farm was the site of the alleged race and despite having the CDC inflicted mad cow flu, I gave it a shot.  I reckon there was at least 8″ of snow on the ground, and pretty much every corner was a sheet of ice.  I think I actually tried to race for about a lap before packing it in and just trying to stay upright, which didn’t work.  At all.  By the end, Bart  had lapped me twice (apparently only crashing once- I think I crashed at least 2x/lap) and Sam and J-Rad had pelted me with snowballs.  Yes, they were “racing” too.  I got JRad back by pulling his bike to the ground on the run-up, but I still need to settle the score with the Krieger.  It was a good race to do while sick as I stayed warm by wearing 30 layers and my heartrate never got high as I couldn’t put any power down without falling over.  This chick (who happens to be black and on a bike) got some sweet photos of the action.  If pictures of me are not enough to make you click, I will add that in addition to being a black chick on a bike, the author is a fan of Rammstein.  Seriously. 

In other weekend news, we got our Xmas tree, I attended a couple birthday parties, and ate lots of cake and am now a big fatty.


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