More on Power Meters

or moron powermeters, however you want to look at it:

No, I am not involved in this discussion.


9 thoughts on “More on Power Meters

  1. I am not a hater. I would estimate that in about 3 weeks, I’ll even have a P/T on my bike. Probably only for a couple weeks though.

  2. none for me. I’m too poor. I do think I could use one though, as now I’m beginning to understand the physiology behind muscle contraction, “recovery”, and contractility (power due to levels of recruitment mainly in the heart, but also in skeletal muscle).

    Funny how folks can coach based on power hand most likely have only a very basic knowledge of muscle phys, Calcium release from the SR, and just what it takes to get the muscle to relax and do it all over again (either then next contraction, or the next DAY). No for me……EVER! Dumbest website on earth (IMHO).

  3. Okay, I stand corrected. WORST forum/email chatroom/method of bashing others ever. I actually read Jrad’s comment as, “Anti-Power Moninger”. made me laugh at first.

  4. I’m such a novice and a low-level guy that I have no intention of deceiving myself into thinking I can get better with science.

    I need hours in the saddle with a competitive group of cyclist keeping the pace high. That, and perhaps dropping 10 lbs of lovehandles, will make me faster in the short run and the long run.

  5. I think the power meter is great when my watts are up, but when the watts are down, obviously the power meter was totally lame. And when I race well the meter worked fine, but when I didn’t, then the meter messed up… Kinda the same thing with the HR monitor for that matter, and we won’t even talk about what kind of problems bikes can create with racing…or too many racers, what is bike racing a competition, didn’t USA Cycling just change its name to USA Entertainment, I’m out- I obviously need sleep Turbs…

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