Flu Shot- Perhaps Not the Biggest Scam Ever…

Home today.  Kelly and Haley are down for the count.  Thus far, Morgan and I are ok.

I guess life throws you curveballs and all you can do is swing away.

Hopefully everybody is better in a hurry…


7 thoughts on “Flu Shot- Perhaps Not the Biggest Scam Ever…

  1. I suppose it’s better to be sick now instead of next week. Not that it’s ever good to be sick. Reminds me of an old Jay Leno monologue where he’s making fun of diarrhea medicine commercials. You see various people vacationing in exotic locations while the narrator/announcer asks why diarrhea always happens at the wrong time. Leno’s question was if anybody ever found themselves thinking that that now would be a good time for diarrhea. Anyway, it was pretty funny. Ok, sorry to ramble. This comment is way too long. Drive safely. The weather looks a bit sketchy for the next few days.

  2. Not sure if you know this, but it is all part of the conspiracy. How it spread to the Mrs and a wee one I don’t know, but it must be getting bad if it is reaching out to family members.

  3. As an update, Kelly and Haley are recovering. Just in time too, as Morgan blew chunks at 2:30 this morning. There is something so sad about a baby being sick, they really don’t know what the hell’s going on. Plus, I could have prevented it. Yeah, I concede, as long as I stay healthy, we’ll all get flu shots next year.
    Sandy, don’t make me kick the conspiracy’s ass… Mess with me all you want, but keep away from the family!!

  4. I get the distinct feeling that you are making fun of the idea of my beating the crap out of the mythological creation of Sandy’s mind known as “the conspiracy”. I will have you know that despite it being completely intangible, and easily used to blame any problem I have, I can, in fact, kick the crap out of the conspiracy- I just have to make sure that nothing ever goes wrong in my life again. Easy enough.

  5. Not to jinx you or anything but in our family I am nearly always the last person to get sick. Of course, I am also generally the first to get dropped, tip over or put a foot down when riding so you can rest easy knowing that we don’t have much in common! 🙂

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