T-Minus Very Little

Big drive back to the LBC coming up.  Not sure if we’ll hit the road tonight or do it band-aid style tommorrow.  Band-aid means ripping it off all at once.  More painful, but takes less time.  It is pretty tempting to make our way to St. George tonight, but that means paying for a hotel room.

I was going to do a post about whiners who complain about “pros” racing master’s at cross nats.  I won’t do a whole post about it, but it’s pretty much like, umm, hey, suck it up!!  Yeah, those guys train more than you, but they are not pros.  They are age-groupers who have decided to dedicate more of their life to cycling than you have.  If you really need a stars-n-stripes jersey that bad, order one on ebay or go race the 55+ tandem nationals, or 60+ sport women’s downhill nationals or something.  

Hopefully that will elicit some comments.  And I just may lose the argument, since I won’t be around to get the last word.  

Oh yeah and Tyler Hamilton is going to Rock Racing.  No such thing as bad publicity!

Oh yeah (again), and yesterday people found this page by searching:

NetZero Cycling (yeah, baby!!)

Dry Mormon (fair enough)

Ryan Barrett Male Model (I wouldn’t make this stuff up!!)

I will try to do some updates from the road, so Sandy doesn’t have to get on my case.


5 thoughts on “T-Minus Very Little

  1. haha dude I was the NetZero Cycling browser!! lol…I was on a computer at school and they have your website blocked because of bad material…???

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