Check Out VeloNews…

Yeah, I wouldn’t usually make such a recommendation as the blog pretty much tells you all you need to know about the cycling world.  However, the magazine saw fit to do an article on local hero bartmang after his 7th place(s) at cross and mtn. bike natz.  Not bad for a working stiff with a fam!!

It’s at the back of the magazine.  I will summarize the rest of the magazine, so you don’t have to read it.  Lots of posing by the Splitstream Team.  And guess what, they are racing clean and hoping for a Tour de France invite!!  “Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before.”  I am a big fan of the splitstreamers, but seriously, if I see another picture of Junior Varsity posing with a bottle of wine and an absurd tie, I just may harf.

Anyway, it’s worth buying for the Bart story.

That is your cue to go buy it.


Life and How to Live It

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It’s been awhile.  Things have been rockin’ pretty good lately.  Saturday I was out hammering and ran into the remnants of the group ride from Racer’s.  Always good to see those guys, and there’s definitely a part of me that would like to ride all day with them, but it’s not in the cards at the moment. 

Sunday we went skiing.  I was blessed to have a co-worker and his wife offer to trade days of babysitting.  Thanks, Chris!!  It was pretty much the best day ever despite snow in the morning and gail force winds in the afternoon.  We hit up the Church of Sundance.  Kelly is radder than rad.  She hasn’t skiied since before we started making babies and was all-set to go Black Diamonds on the second run.  Pulled a full 9-5er and was a bit sore the next day.

In sad news, the President of LDS Church died.  On the bright side, 97 years is a good run and to say he lived a full life is an understatement.  Say what you want about the religion, you can’t offend me.  And yes, the paragraph above this was about skiing on “The Sabbath”.  What can I tell ya?  I am an enigma.

I just deleted some stuff.  Some bs going down, but putting it out for the world to see won’t help. 


You Read It Here First

but you probably heard it somewhere else: 


Salt Lake City, UT

January 22, 2008

Park City Jeep Cycling Team

Utah’s Top Team Gains Title Sponsor

The team formerly known as Sienna Development-Goble Knee Clinic is proud to announce their new title sponsorship from Park City Chrysler Jeep Dodge. The team will continue on for 2008 as the Park City Jeep Cycling Team Presented by Goble Knee Clinic, and is also excited to announce that previous sponsors Sienna Development and Northern Engineering are still involved with the team. In fact, the team has continued their relationship with all major sponsors including Seven Cycles, Reynolds Cycling, and Canyon Bicycles.

 In 2007, the team won 16 Pro 1/2 races, including the Utah Cycling Association Overall Individual and Team classification, and the Utah State Criterium and Time Trial Championships. The team had 33 podium appearances in six states.

A complete roster list, and list of sponsors will be available soon.

Contact for more information.

For Sale

Brand new (never ridden) GT Series 4 Road Bike. Aluminum Frame, sweet traditional GT blue paint. New Reynolds full carbon fork. New Mavic Aksium Race wheelset. Used SRAM Force group ridden from March-September and sparingly since.
$2400 OBO

I’ll put some pics up once it is built, but it’s hot.  So hot I’d keep ‘er if I could.

Here’s a story so this isn’t just an ad.  We were driving home from Kelly’s brothers house the other night and big herd (~20) of deer cross the road directly in front of us.  As parents do, Kelly and I were all:

“Look at all the deer Haley”

Then Haley hits us with:

“Maybe Santa lost his reindeer”

It probably isn’t as funny in writing, but it’s just awesome to me how kids brains work.

Date Night

So, I got an email asking why I didn’t go on the Provo Saturday group ride, letting me know that the 10am ride finished up by 5pm.  Holy crapoli, I know a lot of these guys are 24 hour mountain bike racing types, but I really can’t give up 7 hours of my Saturday for training anymore!!  Don’t get me wrong, if you can, that is awesome.  It is really good for you.  You probably topped my hours for the week in one day.  For me, doing 2-4 hours fast makes a lot more sense as that is pretty much as long as I race for the first (almost) half of the year.  Anyway, like I said, good on ya.  As referenced a couple posts back, I used to train a ton too.

Anyway, in exciting news, Kelly and I went out last night.  Yeah, Sunday night in the UC!!  Wooo-hoooo!!  Seriously, I think this was our first time out without kids since Morgan was born a year and a half ago.  I guess we’ve done a couple mtn. rides at my mom’s and a couple road rides at her mom’s, but as far as full on (no bike) dates, I think that was number one.  We got some outlaws to watch the kids and finally used the gift card to an eye-talian ristorante I won at the UVSC Fight Cancer Criterium back in October.  That’s the end of the story and I guess for the single folks out there, that’s probably not super-duper exciting, but you know, life changes when you start breeding. 

I know it confuses some people when I post twice in one day, so be sure to click the link below to see Tyler Hamilton in RR kit.  He is sticking out his tongue.  I’m sure there’s a bad joke in there about Tugboat somewhere, but that’s rude.  I am pretty sure he is just working on his image makeover or somesuch. 

Tofu seeking a few good teams

stolen from

Tour of Utah seeking a few good teams

(Click for larger image)

Tour of Utah Race Director Terry McGinnis called for applications for men’s professional and category one teams to compete in the 2008 edition of the race from August 13 to17. The five-day, 342-mile (550 km) stage race will feature 30,000 feet of climbing and competition for a US$75,000 purse, including a new car. Seventeen seven-man teams will be chosen to compete in the invitation-only event by the Tour of Utah review committee.

The Tour of Utah falls one week after USA Cycling Road Nationals and two weeks after the Cascade Classic in Oregon. Five tough days of racing at altitude could make for perfect training for professionals preparing for the USA Cycling Professional Road Championships in Greenville later in August.

“We’re expecting more than 120 cyclists from the best teams in North America,” said McGinnis.

Race promoters postponed last year’s Tour of Utah due to financial constraints. This year, however, the promoters have restructured financial operations, downsized the race to five stages from a proposed seven, and focused on attracting domestic teams by virtue of the NRC status.

Tour of Utah for 2008
August 13: Stage One, Sanpete Road Race
August 14: Stage Two, Ogden to Salt Lake
August 15: Stage Three, Downtown SLC Criterium
August 16: Stage Four, Park City to Snowbird
August 17: Stage Five, Miller MotorSports Park Individual TT

I can’t believe they are not doing a single day in PROvo.  P-Dot.  The Prove.  Pee Town.  That is wack.  I like it when I can ride to the starts.

The Death Cold

I figure I better post something before someone points out that I have not done a “real” post in a week or so.  I suppose it is true that linking to velonews and cut and pasting song lyrics are a far cry from letting loose the true ramblings of my tortured soul. 

In my defense, I have been pretty much flying solo at the office for the past week meaning my b.s. time has been at a minimum.  Coupled with that, we have entered what I call “the death cold”.  Pretty much the point at which I will no longer subject myself to the out-of-doors for any time period.  For my out-of-state friends, the overnight lows hovered near the O degree mark last night, and todays highs are not likely to crack the low 20’s. 

The wife and I both seem to suffer from mild to moderate seasonal depression and cabin fever is setting in hard.  Cabin fever, not nearly as fun as jungle fever, or even disco fever.  In any case, as I’ve said before, I don’t like to post negative posts.  It’s, you know, the law of attraction.  While it’s easy to call someone a crackpot, there’s definitely something that draws together negative thoughts and actions. 

So for now, I dream of spring and the renewal and growth that comes along for the ride.

Peace out ya’ll.