Vacay in Brief

The New Years Day ride was a blast.  We made it from Long Beach to Laguna (~30 miles) in an hour if that tells you anything.  I pretty much just try to stay in the front, which for the first hour is hard as every intersection another 40+ people jump in!

It was good times and I am pretty sure I rode more that day and the day before than in a normal week, so I was good and worked for the drive home.

Prior to New Year’s, we were in the Anza Borrego desert camping.  It was tight, yo.  Actually, it was really freaking cold the first two days with lows around 30, but then things got more bettah. 

I managed to hike around 3 miles the last day with Morgan on my back without complaining once.  With time, I am getting better at the hiking.  I used to not be able to walk to the mail box, so you know, progress.   No, I have not ever had a debilitating injury or anything, I am just lazy.  I think it comes from riding bikes too much, but like I said I am getting better.  Even more impressive than me was Haley who managed nearly the entire hike on her own.  That’s a big hike for a three year old.

In fact, I really can’t say enough good things about the girls and camping.  We were nervous about Morgan as she was pretty honery the whole week before we left, but out in the desert both kids were just totally amped the whole time.

The area we camped in is a nice area for bike rides, evidenced by the Suckcesspool Living team doing there team camp there last year.  I think ePostal did their camp there way back in the day too.  In any case, as mentioned there is a sweet climb straight out of the campground, known as Montezuma’s Grade.   It is something like 10.5 miles long and we have an annual family ride up it.  I was something like 7 minutes slower than my “back in the day” cruising pace up it for those that like to track how much slower I am getting.

We did some other sweet family rides in the LBC.  It is nice to leave the front porch with a group of six.  Kelly finally got to put some miles on her new bike and she is loving it.   

Christmas was as you might expect, crazy.  I mean that in a good way.  Haley is old enough to pretty much “get it”, which is fun.  Morgan is a little more lost, but enjoys it just the same.

Morgan also started using a lot of new words over the break as well as identifying what noises different animals make.  Now if we can just get her to ditch the “all milk diet”, we’ll be good to go.

Overall, I had an amazing trip. 

I think my goal in life now is to own a home in Seal Beach.  I think it’s the true happiest place on earth.

I’ll post some photos when the time is right.


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