Wake Up, Julie!

It is good form to check and see if someone’s already been tagged before you go making them waste time coming up with another five things you may or may not already know about them.

However, rules are rules and I won’t break the rules, so here’s five MORE things you probably didn’t want to know about me.  Scroll down for the original five.

1.  In High School, we started putting road kill on this one kids’ car at night.  There is nothing funnier than walking out to your car in the morning and seeing a squirrel propped against your bike rack in the seated position.  However, he got me back (and maybe went a little over the top) with a beaver (yes, an actual beaver) on my car.

2.  Like Sandy, I have never had hairy legs.  I know a lot of guys go “au naturale” over the winter, but I think 10 days is about my limit.  I started shaving in 7th grade and there definitely wasn’t much to de-fur at that point. 

3.  On the shaving note, I don’t grow facial hair anywhere besides my mustache region and chin.  Like Joe Dirt “you were so ingrained with white trash DNA, your facial hair actually grows in on its own all white trashy like that?”.  Yes.

4.  I have never been to Mexico or Canada.

5.  2008 will be my 10th year Cat. 1 or better.  In other words, I am getting long in the toofus. 

Now, nobody else ask because I will keep going.


2 thoughts on “Wake Up, Julie!

  1. I guess if you have to follow the rules…better come up with five more. Look back at my Dec. 13th post, I was the first one to tag you. Na-nah! You’re still it!

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