Tofu seeking a few good teams

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Tour of Utah seeking a few good teams

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Tour of Utah Race Director Terry McGinnis called for applications for men’s professional and category one teams to compete in the 2008 edition of the race from August 13 to17. The five-day, 342-mile (550 km) stage race will feature 30,000 feet of climbing and competition for a US$75,000 purse, including a new car. Seventeen seven-man teams will be chosen to compete in the invitation-only event by the Tour of Utah review committee.

The Tour of Utah falls one week after USA Cycling Road Nationals and two weeks after the Cascade Classic in Oregon. Five tough days of racing at altitude could make for perfect training for professionals preparing for the USA Cycling Professional Road Championships in Greenville later in August.

“We’re expecting more than 120 cyclists from the best teams in North America,” said McGinnis.

Race promoters postponed last year’s Tour of Utah due to financial constraints. This year, however, the promoters have restructured financial operations, downsized the race to five stages from a proposed seven, and focused on attracting domestic teams by virtue of the NRC status.

Tour of Utah for 2008
August 13: Stage One, Sanpete Road Race
August 14: Stage Two, Ogden to Salt Lake
August 15: Stage Three, Downtown SLC Criterium
August 16: Stage Four, Park City to Snowbird
August 17: Stage Five, Miller MotorSports Park Individual TT

I can’t believe they are not doing a single day in PROvo.  P-Dot.  The Prove.  Pee Town.  That is wack.  I like it when I can ride to the starts.


9 thoughts on “Tofu seeking a few good teams

  1. Did someone actually say it was too cold to ski?!? Is that possible?

    I also read some chick said while skiing powder was fun, a four hour ride followed by beers was better. Come on people!!

    That being said, I rode outside for 3 hrs in 23F today while it snowed 2 inches. It was a flippin’ blast!

    Now if only I was a 1 I would consider this TofU stuff….

  2. Provo was all set for Stages 6 and 7. Then Tahitian Noni, Neways and NuSkin backed out after being in their pyramid wasn’t a good enough sponsorship deal.

  3. Huh, well that’s probably good as 7 stages would be way too much time away from work (if it’s not already) and way past my current fitness level.
    Remember Stage 4 Owned Me.
    I would truly love to see another such sentiment painted on the road in the Oh-Hate.

  4. I did over 30 hours a week every week in January that year. And that was with one day/week completely off. Plus, I had a job. And the form was good. Sadly when it came time to add racing and traveling onto that, something had to give.

  5. And that would be a good month for me now as well. And yet the results haven’t changed that much. Isn’t dat veird??

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