You Asked For It


Seriously, try to tell me that is not the flossy flossy.

Big ups to Sleevo and Anna for creative geniusnesses.


8 thoughts on “You Asked For It

  1. So what you are trying to say is that’s not the flossy flossy?
    Anyway, you are wrong. It has exactly the correct amount of splotches of color in random places.
    And the only “quill” I know is the stem on my “time trial” bike.

  2. Yeah, I am trying to say “flossy flossy” 29 times so that it will become a part of the Turbo vernacular before it goes the way of “keep it real” and “HTFU”.

    What? Too late??

  3. I don’t remember it ever being a big deal, but I definitely thought the same thing when I saw the “High Road” team kit.

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