Life and How to Live It

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It’s been awhile.  Things have been rockin’ pretty good lately.  Saturday I was out hammering and ran into the remnants of the group ride from Racer’s.  Always good to see those guys, and there’s definitely a part of me that would like to ride all day with them, but it’s not in the cards at the moment. 

Sunday we went skiing.  I was blessed to have a co-worker and his wife offer to trade days of babysitting.  Thanks, Chris!!  It was pretty much the best day ever despite snow in the morning and gail force winds in the afternoon.  We hit up the Church of Sundance.  Kelly is radder than rad.  She hasn’t skiied since before we started making babies and was all-set to go Black Diamonds on the second run.  Pulled a full 9-5er and was a bit sore the next day.

In sad news, the President of LDS Church died.  On the bright side, 97 years is a good run and to say he lived a full life is an understatement.  Say what you want about the religion, you can’t offend me.  And yes, the paragraph above this was about skiing on “The Sabbath”.  What can I tell ya?  I am an enigma.

I just deleted some stuff.  Some bs going down, but putting it out for the world to see won’t help. 



16 thoughts on “Life and How to Live It

  1. I am glad you got to partake in a day of Alpine Fundamentalism! Services are every day it snows or when it is just too sunny and beautiful out to do anything else…

  2. I’ll add some photos once we have a home computer that works.
    IE- Don’t hold your breath.
    I’m sure it’s hard not to.

  3. Sounds like your work “life” (yeah right) is similar to mine right now. And there is no way in hell I’ll give up nose picking for anything under $50K — seriously!

  4. Sounds like a good life, indeed — not that I want to trade you because I happen to think mine pretty flossy flossy, too.

    Now if I can get my neighbors to stop giving me puppy dog eyes as if she’s really desperate for help when she asks me to babysit her kids for five hour blocks — I already watch those runts for two hours on Sunday! — my life will be really, really sweet. All the babysitting duty is cutting into my training time. I’ll have an even harder time escaping the dreaded DFL in the first few races.

  5. Dearest Turbo,

    My trainer session (note the non plural use of the word) was insanity and kind of a stunt. And, yes, I need more time on the bike because that translates into less time in front of this (or another) flippin’ computer.

    I’m off to San Diego in Feb. I’ll take the wheels with me and try to sneak out at 7 a.m. to take a roll up to LaJolla and back before the kiddies wake up for Round Two of Shamu.

  6. You aren’t excited at all about the San Diego trip, are you? This is probably only the 4th time you’ve mentioned it (at your blog or here).
    I am not making fun. I would be excited too. In fact, I am excited just to go home and eat dinner.

  7. Oh, and I meant to ask …

    That racer’s link goes to a motorcycle club in Oxnard. Is that the group ride you caught up to? If so, I’m very impressed.

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