Most readers already know that I have a pretty long commute.  It’s only 35 miles and with good roads and a decent schedule I can knock it out in 40 minutes or less.  However, the current onslaught of snowstorm after snowstorm has pretty much cracked me as the drive time has increased dramatically.  When you factor in the increase to 50 hour work weeks (starting next week), I am going to have pretty much no time at home.  And bike time?  Hahahaha.

Anyway, wah, wah, wah, BLW.

Like I said yesterday, you can usually get everything you need to know about bike gaming from the blog, but you should probably also check out the new Road Mag for an article on fit from my man Hollywood Nate Loyal.  Actually, now that I’m thinking of it, he had an article in Mountain Bike Action fairly recently too.  He is blowing up, I tell ya.

The traditional socal kick-off Bullyvard RR is this weekend.  I am pretty sure I’d like to be there.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.  I am certain I will.


10 thoughts on “Cracked…

  1. Yeah, it kinda sucks, but at least I am still driving the ’94 Jetta you remember from college!!
    I try to once/week ride my bike when the days get longer/warmer.
    That breaks things up a bit.

  2. Let me share a secret that worked for me (if you’ll recall I commuted 62 miles EACH WAY from Payson to downtown SLC for 5 years): Move to SL County. You can afford it if you are willing to live in an older home. So there you go. Simple. If you need help moving let me know. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I can’t move until I save enough money to buy another house and keep the one we’re in as a rental. That is the deal.
    Plus, I’d have to change the blog header.
    If they build the proposed SLC velodrome, that may be enough for me to leave the sappy valley.

  4. Oh yeah, baby, the teal one.
    No, it is not “the family car” as that would be truly sad.
    189,000 miles and perfect for commuting.

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