computer.gif… cause keeping it fresh is my main interest.

Despite beginning my new “enhanced” work schedule this morn, I am much better after a weekend of sweet sweetness.


Finally chopped off the mane.  I know that you are all dissapointed that you didn’t get to see the belgian mullet flowing in the breeze, but seriously it had to be done.  A crazy man once told me “when you keep you hair short, no one knows what you’re thinking”. 

Damn straight. 

I guess.

Got a new computer.  Yeah, we are moving on up.  This is the first computer Kelly and I have ever purchased.  We have had various freebies that never worked, but hopefully this one does.  Yet to be confirmed. 

Also, good bye, dial up.  RIP, I will miss waiting ten minutes for a page to load and then being kicked off-line.  Or not.

Saturday’s ride was pretty much the suck, but Sunday was short and sweet.  Set up my own snow cross course in a local park and ripped some hot laps.  I’m pretty sure the snow is deeper than I can remember it being in my 4 years in the Prove.  You can get really hot trying to keep moving in the deep stuff.  Maybe I should’ve tried the Frozen Hog (local snow mountain bike race) on Saturday.

In other news, I have actually set up a training program for myself.  Yeah, I have tried like 50X to do this, and have failed miserably to keep on a schedule.  I think the last time I really had a set schedule was the last time I had a coach, which was 2002.  In any case, I am keeping the volume down and the intensity up.  To my coachees, this is definitely a case of do as I say, not as I do.  Hahaha.

Keep it poppin’ fresh ya’ll.


10 thoughts on “Refreshed

  1. Just so no one accuses me of positivity, be sure to click on the “keyboard dude” at the top.
    I’m sure that’ll be me by the end of the day.

    PS- I have added some new links to people that amuse me. Check, check, check ’em out.

  2. Faceless,
    I reckon what with people living longer and the state of Social Insecurity, we’ll work until we’re at least 80.

    Uncle Rico,
    You have been in the links for months.

    Miss J,
    I wish someone would’ve videoed your cheer. That would make some sweet you-tubin’.

  3. Retirement. It’s weird to be using that word at age 33. I’m just hoping that I won’t have consumed *too* much of the Corporate Kool Aid by the time I hit that point.

    MTB cheers… Ha, I remember a collegiate mountain bike race where I did a Ray of Today leap for Turbo every time he rolled past. He really needed the encouragement.

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