…all my troubles seemed pretty much right in front of me.

Yeah, there is a lot of crap going down waiting for insurance to decide how bad to screw me.  Still I am keeping it posi like the youth crew warriors of ’88.  That reference was for Hubbell since he dropped the Ray 2 Day jumpkick on me the other day.


In other news, I did some weird test up at the U yesterday eve.  It was pretty much like a standard max power 30 second sprint test, except they were measuring the effect on each joint (hip, knee, ankle) or somesuch.  Way too much for my feeble brain to comprehend, but pretty interesting.  My man Nate Thomas was part of the administration crew.  Surprisingly, I did not break the machine with my massive power.  In all seriousness, it was a pretty interesting test and it will be even more interesting to hear (if I ever get to) the results.  There was a couple other awesome bikers getting worked over too, but I didn’t get to hang out and watch them as I had to get back home.

Once home, I got to speak with Qwest Tech Support in India all night.  Does this sound familiar, Julie?  In any case, I am not whining about it as we now have functioning high speed wireless and it is even cooler than dial-up.  What’s better is that it was even done before bed time. 

Finally, someone has done an entire post about me, sort of.  You will have to click to get the full scoop, but I’ll leave you with this:

>The effects of the turbo button were amazing:

>It was
>-got the job done in half the time

>However, when using the turbo button
>-if you aren’t careful you’ll get burned
>-for some reason it smells funny when turboed

This is probably my favorite blog post outside of my own blog in awhile and not because I am an egomaniac.  Wait, that’s not right, it is because I am egomaniac.  I’ll see if I can get Kelly to whisper the “hotter, faster, gets the job done” bit in my ear later.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. I’m a pro at winning arguments. Cingular, State Farm, Dell, Qwest, AOL, and in the process of USAA insurance since some idjut rear ended me which I will also win…

    I won’t charge you very much either. Wait. Yes I will. Damn. I shoulda been a lawyer…but not the kind who would run advertisements on the boob tube.

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