Thanks Sandy

Sandrosian just sent me this shot of me ripping it back in the day.  I am pretty sure it’s from the McLane Pacific Crit (RIP) in 2002.  I could be wrong about that, but the semi in the background makes me think I may be correct.  You can tell it’s early season as I’m on the infamous non-team matching NetZero bike, wearing NetZero socks, and NetZero helmet.  How come no one else is making a hurting face?

Also, notice the Jerker on the front.  We were teammates a month or so later.  Take note of the angle of his brake hoods!



10 thoughts on “Thanks Sandy

  1. Sweet. Lemme know when you’ll be out and I’ll see what the schedule looks like. I haven’t tried the master’s game yet, but I am up for 30+ now…

  2. It just occurred to me that I had a comment from the UCI Oceania Tour Champ of 2006 (right??) on the blog. I am big time, baby.

  3. I definitely have some thoughts there. No, it’s not the same team, but it is a team where most of the hitters have a fairly shady past, and it is the same funders who obviously don’t give a rat’s what the team has to do to win.

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