I updated the “All About the Me” page/section.  It was all from last summer and I wanted to show the kids age and progression.

Dig It.


7 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Click on the top left where it says “All About the Me” and scroll down and leave a comment or just leave it here. Whatever floats your row boat.

  2. Hey Ryan,

    Was checking out google maps and using the street view feature. One of your cycling friends was caught on the google cam as it drove by. Thought you might get a kick out of it. Be sure to click in the flash window and drive around your hood using the mouse and keyboard… pretty cool stuff…


  3. That’s awesome. What are the odds that Sleevie would be getting ready to ride when the camera went off?
    In other news, wow, that looks a lot warmer than now.
    Thanks for the link!

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