Rocking and a Rolling and a What Not

“Truthfulness, Charity, Humility, Fearlessness, and Aversion to Fault Finding.  These are universal principles that can be tested by the observer to have enduring permanent worth”.

From the Ray Cappo Spoken Word CD

So, yeah, I’ve been a bit lax with the postings of late.  And again, I am trying to avoid whiny posts, so I am looking for light at the end of chunnel.

Some thoughts on Tour of California:

As much as it pains me to do so, I gotta say I am digging the Rock Racing kit.  It stands out.  Yes, I am giving it up to the “King of Pants”.  And yes, I stole that line.

On the other hand, the only way team Wide Load (High Road) could get any more plain looking is if they were BMC. 

At least BMC is attacking, however.  On that note, here’s hoping that today is the day that local superhero Louder gets to ride away by himself and get a 15 minute gap as that seems to be the BMC way thus far.

Cipo popping off a podium after two years in retirement and being 40+ is pretty sweet too.  His other option would have been to stay un-pro and race in socal.  He could win the 40+, 30+, and procrits (hahaha) all in one day and pay off his tax debts just the same.

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10 thoughts on “Rocking and a Rolling and a What Not

  1. not that I’d ever wear the Rockk jeans, but I, too, kinda dig the Rock Racing kits.

    It was hard to enjoy them in Stage 2 with all the rain gear on but the commercials were pretty Rockin’

    I think you boys from Gobal should steal the design for next season.

  2. Do I have to post the PC Jeep kit again? I said they are hot, but if we ever get our clothes, we will absolutely crush them in hotness. Ballz may be the king of pants, but Elder Sleevie Designs is the king of kit.

    Park City Jeep Cycling
    Taking the PC out of Park City

  3. No way – circa ’94 Carrera… now that was the team kit hotness.

    And oddly prescient, as jeans manufacturers started to make jeans out of pure spandex shortly thereafter, forever confusing the wardrobes of New Jersey cyclists.

  4. The lime green mixed with the black is pretty cool, esp. when they add their shoe covers and bikes… another thing is they’ve loaned the corporate heli which is creating some really professional shots…

    I’m starting to dig the whole Argyle thing too, that took a while for me to get used to…

  5. Weather permitting, MZ and I may ride around Utah Lake on Saturday (about 4.5 hours). We’ll be going fairly hard and we could use a third rider to pull through. Send me an email if you’re at all interested or know any other UC riders who might be.

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