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I am letting Kelly take over the weblog.  Well, not exactly, but she did a bang up job of updating from our weekend, so I cut and pasted her email here.  I’ll update with pictures when I have some time as I can’t cut and paste those, unfortunately.

 Hi All,

Last year Ryan and I took the girls Spring camping at Snow Canyon in St. George. We had a lot of fun so we decided to make it an annual thing. This time of year it’s beautiful in St. George, the trees have leaves and there are blossoms everywhere!

We left Friday night and stayed in a motel that night. So far so good…

Around 2:30 in the morning Haley wakes up crying, I find out she is super hot to the touch, FEVER!! It was such a short weekend I didn’t bring any medicine or thermometer (I know, I know, I just broke the number one rule of motherhood…never leave the house unprepared!) Well, she ended up falling asleep again and we decided to see how she was in the morning. Of course Ryan and I didn’t get any sleep that night, we were having reoccurring nightmares of our doomed Zion trip last year. Well, lucky for us it wasn’t that bad. We got some medicine for her the next morning and it turned out to be a wonderful day, Haley was the most mellow child EVER! We took it really easy. Ryan and I hit up a Starbucks (very much needed after that night) and took the girls to the park. We visited the Dinosaur Tracks Museum, that was very interesting. Haley loved it. When we arrived a docent (sp?) asked Haley if she would like a dinosaur stamp on her hand. There were several to choose from and instead of just pointing to one, she said “I’ll have the triceratops.” I think the lady was impressed, I sure was! Later that day we went to Snow Canyon and set up camp. Haley even took a nap in the tent! That night Ryan made a camp fire and we all had s’mores. Perfect ending to an almost perfect day!

That night in the tent everything went (as my dad would say) “right rudder”. Morgan came down with a fever and had a lot of trouble sleeping. She insisted that she slept with her face right up against mine which wasn’t cool considering her nose had a constant snot stream (I know, gross). Every time I moved she just moved closer to my face. I included a picture of her before she woke up in the morning. Meanwhile, Ryan got some sort of allergic reaction to something and came down with a terrible rash all over, so he was itching all night and in pure agony. Again, another sleepless night. Haley, however, I think had the most peaceful sleep in her life!

Morning went better. I made bacon and eggs with danishes (the best breakfast ever when you’re camping). Haley was pretty much all better, a little on the mellow side still, but no fever. Morgan was a bit cranky with a fever and very very snotty. She refused to leave my side all day. We took the girls to the sand dunes to play and Ryan tried to fly a kite. The wind was not cooperating but Ryan refused to give up. I have never seen him so determined to achieve something. It was very amusing for me to watch him…a grown man with a cutesy neon kite complete with streamers. Haley soon lost interest in it but Ryan was on a mission! He did finally get it to fly later at a park…good job Ryan!

During the drive home Ryan’s rash came back in full force. Big raised bumps all over. We made an emergency stop in Cedar City to get some cream and Benedryl (sp?). Luckily, that helped and the Benedryl pretty much knocked him out for the majority of the drive. I drove home in a snow storm (I know, it’s almost APRIL!) The girls slept pretty much the entire drive home (much needed I’m sure), it was so peaceful.

Well, there you have it…our very interesting weekend.


Campy Camping

Heading back down my favoritest freeway in the whole wide world tonight.  I think we’ll stay in a hotel motel tonight and then set up camp tomorrow.  I am pretty cheap, but trying to set up camp in the middle of the night with the wee ones sounds like a drag-ola.

It’s supposed to be 75 and sunny down there all weekend, so I got that going for me.

PS- Another gem from my new favorite ninja:

 Ninjas are sooooooooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants.   

Makes sense to me.

This Will Improve Your Cycling

Not really, but because my readership is primarily bike geeks (much like myself), sometimes I am forced to lie.  However, this will improve your life in many ways.  The following link was brought to my attention a couple posts back, but through the power of blog stats, I see that not many of you are clicking through.  For that, you are crazy.  This is probably the most important website ever, and I insist that you click through.  It is “safe for work” as long as your co-workers are down with ninjas.  And if they’re not down with ninjas, do you really want to work there?

Just click it:

Back to St. George this Weekend

I heart I-15.

Or “the 15” as they call it if you keep heading south-a-ways.

Also, if you heard about the train wreck in Canton, MA yesterday, my bro-in-law was on the train and escaped mostly uninjured… sorta like that movie from M. Knight Shamamamalamalan with Bruce Willis a few years back.  Seriously, I am glad you are ok, Chad!!

The Best of Times

As we previously left off, I was leaving early Friday.  Because I carpooled in and my carpool buddy could not leave, I was FORCED to ride my bike home.  Of course, the frontage road along I-15 is pretty dangerous, so I decided to go up and over Suncrest.  Once I was way out near Alpine, I figure a diversion up American Fork Canyon was in order.  Still a good bit of snow up there.  Can’t imagine getting through Alpine Loop for a month or so and that’s if the weather stays as is (not likely).  Anyway, a solid ride.  Descending on SDVC’s in the wind, continues to scare the crap out of me, but they are so forking fast, I can’t help myself.

Saturday we had a fake-easter brunch before Kelly’s folks hit the road back to Long Beach City.  It was freshy fresh and I ate a lot.  Then, I went and rode for a couple hours before coming home and picking up Kelly, the girls, and the rickshaw and riding for awhile.  Are you sensing a theme yet?  I really do heart spring.  

Sunday was pretty chill.  Did I just say that?  No, I wrote it.  Anyway, as it was real-Easter and all, we went to church, but I was going to leave after Sacrament as Morgan has a cold and it’s no good to put a snotty kid in nursery.  Haley got up and “sang” with the Primary kids.  I am pretty sure she had no idea what was going on, but seemed to thoroughly enjoy standing in front of the crowd.  Anyway, I took Morgan home shortly after that as she was being a pill and I thought a nap was in order.  For her.  I swear.  This did “conveniently” work out for me to watch Milan-San Remo.

Once Kelly and Haley made it home, we watched the finale and then loaded up the rikshaw for more hot biking action.  I am pretty sure my legs will look like Cancellara’s pretty soon from dragging the girls everywhere.  Or not.  Stopped at the park so the girls could play for awhile, and made it home just in time to eat dinner and put them to bed.

I am tempted to do RMR next weekend to get some racing type action before we really start throwing down at Hell’o del Norte the following week.  On the other hand, we have a family tradition of a spring camping trip, and the schedule is jammed pretty tight after this week.  Decisions, decisions.

Big ups to JRad for taking out the first team win of the year at the Missoula Spring Series #1.

Good Friday (aren’t they all?)

Unable to access the internet for the first two hours I was here today, so I’ll give you the short, short version of what it is that is up.

I am jealous because Kelly is going skiing today.  Her folks are in town.  However, I will keep my jealousy in check with the realization that soon I will be racing and Kelly’s “day of fun” will appear pretty minor compared to the amount of time I spend engaged in a primarily narcissistic endeavor.

EDIT:  HAHAHA, It looks like I’ll be having my own afternoon of fun.  After the busiest period at work ever the last couple weeks, things have cooled down and I am going to ride my bike home.  I heart bike rides.

Please go to and vote for me in the height-to-strength competition.  If you are my friend, you will do it.  You can’t let these new jacks come in thinking they are all hard and what-not.  You gotta break ’em down before you build ’em up, right?  No, no, no… You gotta break ’em down, before you break ’em down some more.

I will not be making my grand appearance at the Redneck Mullet Raceway tomorrow.  As previously indicated, Kelly’s folks are around, and they are leaving after fake-Easter brunch tomorrow.  So if anyone wants to do a hard ride in the U.C. in the afternoon, hit me up. 

EDIT AGAIN: Take note of my new worldwide hit tracker.  My quest for world domination continues!!!

I heart spring.