What it Wuz, Cuz?

Kelly let me know that my lack of updates was boring her, and you know, you gotta keep the females’s happy, right? 

I am learning to use our new scanner, so I found some old pictures from when we (Kelly and I) first started dating, but I haven’t been able to shrink ’em down yet.  Look out though, because I just may have an embarassing picture of YOU from 10 years ago that I decide to post.  And, if you’re thinking “you didn’t even know me 10 years ago”; don’t think that will stop me.

Finally, got the new Dura Ace kit on.  Holy homecomings, that is nice. 

I am thinking of trying the (bike) commute later this week.  It is still pretty cold in the mornings, and 4:30 is earlier than I’ve ever gotten on my bike, but eventually I gotta test my theory that sleep is really just time wasted.

RMR starts this weekend.  To my out-of-state friends, this is the Tuesday night series, except it’s not on Tuesday night until April when we start with “regular” weekend racing.  I’d call it a “training race”, but someone will undoubtedly kick my bass for stepping to the holy grail of Utahpian cycling.  Have we been down this road before?  Yes, we have.  End result- I like bike racing, so I may (or may not) ride down there and sign-up. 

I leave you with this:



6 thoughts on “What it Wuz, Cuz?

  1. You should be. I guess the 10 years thing was kind of a tip-off. Howev, I think this falls in line with the “embarassing story” thread where any pic I find, you may be able to one up. I council peace.
    Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind.

  2. Really depends where I start from…
    But yeah, I guess my house is a pretty good assumption on that one.

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