The Hail Mary

Just noticing that someone has me linked as “The Early Move”.  As we all know, Turbo Cycling is 100% for transparency on all issues.  Not limited to just doping- I want the cycling world to know what I ate for breakfast, how long my commute is, how long I wore braces for, my social security number, how much I can bench press, and, yes, tactics.  If you haven’t figured this out, when I go for “The Early Move”, that means I don’t think I have a chance in a race.  The goal is to take pressure off teammates who might have a chance.  Once in a blue moon, it works out like at the last stage of the last “Tour of the Storm”.  Hmm, that was 3 years ago.  Yeah, it’s pretty rare.  Usually, if I think I am going to win something, I am pretty conservative until the end or at least until halftime.  Is there a point to this?  I guess the point is threefold:

 a).  Don’t come with me unless you are in the same boat.  I will only drag you down.

2).  100% transparency= keeping a positive dental outlook

and Last).  I like the link title.

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11 thoughts on “The Hail Mary

  1. If you’re asking, I’ll take Voigt. I always root for the lanky guy. Li’l Levi scares me… Small hands, smells like cabbage.

  2. See, if you’d just left it at the first three sentences I would have assumed that “The Early Move” was somehow related to what you had for breakfast…

  3. Funny, but I seem to go when I either don’t WANT to race (Antelope Island 2007) or I feel really good (High Uintas 2007). Since there’s no race I’ll feel good at in 2008, I guess I can give away my top secrets as well.

    You and I are so different. Sure we’re different in that I’m short, you’re tall. I’m skinny, you’re skinnier, I’ve got no kids, you’ve got a couple. I’m ugly, you’re hot. I AM the conspiracy, you fear the conspiracy. I could go on, but you get the point.

    Oh, and I’m a bit concerned that you KNOW Levi smells like cabbage.

  4. Oh yeah, how could I forget Antelope? Two year in a row the Hail Mary worked!!
    I think that was different though as I didn’t write myself off, I just knew that being in the wind with you/or Nate is a surefire way to bring pain upon myself.

  5. Okay, I will tell him.

    Also, Sandy- I don’t really know how Levi smells. I can only assume. The reference was from one of the Austin Power’s movies “Carneys, Circus Folk… Small hands, smell like cabbage”.

  6. Hopefully you took it as a compliment. I enjoy the way you race and given my “break mileage” I am suprised we haven’t spent more time together. Maybe we can become real good pals this year? But whatever.

  7. Most definitely a compliment! Now if you had “doomed breakaway guy” that might have been offensive. Still funny though.
    We should have a contest for highest breakaway mileage in utah cycling.

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