The Sun Always Shines On Provo

I managed to avoid the food poisoning that was bestowed upon many of my cohorts on Friday, and decided to pedal home.  Headwind the whole way, and a flat, and yeah, I was loving it.  The benefit to having little time to play bikes is that you are always motivated when you have the chance to get out, and little things don’t get you down.

I flaked on RMR Saturday as the weather was iffy, and I didn’t want to ride all the way up there, and find out it was cancelled.  To my out-of-town friends, yes, they cancel when it rains… click here to find out why.  Also, a nice shot of Teal Jetta in better days, and I forgot Haley had such huge cheeks!  Okay, back on topic, I didn’t go, and instead spent the morning with the girls. 

The afternoon ended up being really nice.  Despite reports of a high of 39 and rain/snow mix, it was sunny and probably close to 50.  Windy as a day with a lot of wind that is windy, but still relatively nice.  Rode over to Racer’s while pushing Kelly’s old bike next to me, which illicited some odd looks.  It is being fixed up, so my sister won’t have to continue to ride her hybrid in Tri’s this year.  I know I should not be supporting her tri habit, but you know, it’s just so hard to say no.  Anyway, the motivation was still present and I went out and killed it for about 3.5 hours.  I am sure I am missing the rhythm of racing, but I feel pretty good lately.

That evening, we were lucky enough to have Chef Sleevie come over.  It’s a little known fact that among his many talents, he is a really, really, ridiculously good at cooking.  When you go to his non-existant restaurant, try the halibut.  It’s unreal.

Sunday we were able to load up the trailer and do the first family ride of the year before church.  This is pretty much our Sunday routine any non-racing Sunday once it gets warm, so that was nice as I have been missing it.  Plus, it’s as good as a tranquilizer dart for getting the girls to nap.

That’s pretty much the highlights from the weekend… Looking forward to band camp in St. George in 5 short days. 


5 thoughts on “The Sun Always Shines On Provo

  1. stay away from the chicks with the flutes. they’re not as sweet as they pretend to be.

    and hopefully In n Out will be open for you.

  2. I will certainly update the viewership as to the status of In-N-Out in St. George.
    This could result in an increased number of “training camps” and an oddly disproportionate weight gain.

  3. I’ll be there on May 10 for the SG Tri (I know, I know, triathlons are for geeks) and I really hope I can reward myself with a double-double animal style with some fries as I get ready to drive home.

  4. Let me state for the record that I am joking about triathletes. While I may find the idea of riding in a weenie bikini and a tank top revolting, the average Cooter in a pick-up really doesn’t notice the difference in that and your matching kit, bike and shoe covers. No offense to non-Cooter pick-up drivers.

  5. I agree on the weenie bikini.

    I draw the line at the jams-style swim shorts. and i’m really glad the sprint distance only has a 20k bike ride. my little fellas don’t like riding a TT/Tri bike for very long without a little protection.

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