Really Really Really Excited to Leave Town Tommorrow


This will be me tommorrow afternoon.  Except the computer will be off (and frowning from getting beat up all week).  And I’ll be male (hopefully).  And not a cartoon.


9 thoughts on “Really Really Really Excited to Leave Town Tommorrow

  1. Are you going to San Diego? ‘Cause I hear that’s a great place to escape to when you’re stressed out from winter, work, kids or just about anything. 😉

  2. Sandy,
    I’ll be smiling- just like the image.
    I may wear a red shirt (though I doubt it).
    I’ll have a computer in front of me.
    I will have arms, possibly raised in the air.
    I will have eyes, though they will likely be less round than the picture.
    I’ll stop there. The similarities are far too numerous. If you don’t get it, perhaps you need to sign up for a class in similarities. I will teach it.

    JE- St. George, baby. The weather is not looking that full of awesomeness, but you know, it’s somewhere that is not here.

  3. Not here is a great place sometimes. Even if ‘not here’ sucks.

    May your double-double animal style be waiting for you.

  4. Not that SG sucks. But even when I’m headed for a weekend in BFE Idaho I’m glad to be getting away from ‘here.’

  5. Your hair does look sort of the same as the cartoon wouldn’t you agree? I watched Sesame Street as a kid and it made me really warped. I’ll just go ahead and place the blame there.

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