Band Camp

So we had our Park City Jeep team camp over the weekend.  It is a big challenge for a little team like ours to do all that needs to be done in such a short amount of time. 

It pretty much went like this… Got in on Friday night around 8:00.  Everyone arrived at the condo by around 9:30 and we hung out for a bit and then went to bed.  Haley and Morgan were up probably as late as they’ve ever been, and Haley, especially, was still not keen on going to sleep.  So that was not all together fun.  Otherwise the girls were awesome all weekend.

Got up and broke the fast, courtesy of Kelly.  Got enough calories to make it Mesquite.   If you’ve never done this ride, do it.  Do it now.  It’s a little over 50 miles each way with a big pass in the middle.  Sleevie is recovering like a champ and rode to the top of the climb on the way out with us before turning around.  I think he’s ridden more in the past week than he has in the past year since injuring his knee, so that’s a good call.  The rest of us lunched in Mesquite, and turned around.  We were greeted with a nice tailwind the whole way home, which made life a lot nicer.  We ran into T-Bird, and then some of the Canyon Bicycles crew and had a nice group to roll home with.

I was pretty much shattered after that, so the team meeting went like this:

“Win or you’re fired”

Some guys were a little confused as to when they were actually “hired” and what they were hired to do, but we ironed it all out once I threw a couple guys off the balcony.

J-Radness made dinner, which was followed by ice cream.  Of course, I didn’t take in any of this and only consumed diet coke all day.

Sunday mostly people had to run home and it ended up being a crap weather day.  Low 40’s and rain.  A few of us got out for an hour, before heading up the pass and into the snow.   It wasn’t too too bad and I got home with enough time to chill for awhile which was nice.

Overall, I feel pretty good about where we’re at, and can’t wait to get racing…

I’ll update with photos once someone sends me some.


10 thoughts on “Band Camp

  1. in n out’s not open yet, huh? that’s all I really care about in regards to SG these days. 🙂

    My parents are heading down to dixie next week for spring break, though, and I just might drag my kids down for some grandparental babysitting while I sneak in a couple 100 mile rides.

  2. Did anyone take photos? It tougher to get photos out of our team, especially for those of us that were absent and putting in 90 minute rides here in Vermont in the 40 degrees and sun, then rain, then sun. I can’t believe I out-rode you while you were at camp. Granted, if I had been there, I doubt i’d have done an hour even, so good job.

    I digress. Photos? Let’s see ’em. Of course the super top secret training photos should be emailed. I wouldn’t want to have our super top secret training falling into the hands of just anyone. Especially my uber-new, super-top-secret training for 2008. I could tell you what it entails, but you’d probably hurt yourself trying to replicate/emulate. Ask Kirk, he’s even better at it than I am.

    I digress. Where are the photos? I’ve been in class since 8 am. It’s now 5pm. I’m a little stir crazy, but I think I deserve some photos, and less caffeine.

  3. Wow, you really want pictures, huh?
    I’m pretty sure I covered that here:

    >I’ll update with photos once someone sends me some.

    You can use the one of me on the right side of the page from last year if you really can’t wait. It was pretty much the same, except I am one year more rad.

  4. a) Bet it all on black and lost
    b) Traded for something of value, such as a pet rock
    c) Pawned for crack money
    d) Kept in jersey pocket for instantaneous ego boost
    e) Kept in jersey pocket for instantaneous climate change- it can’t be cold if you cross into Arizona, right?

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