More On Band Camp

or Moron Band Camp.

I thought the report was a little dry, so here are some more factoids:

Sam won $250 playing craps.  He is the very definition of a “player” and gets free rooms in Vegas. 

Sleevie’s bike flew off the roof.  If you know our bikes, they aren’t cheap.  Luckily, the only thing to be replaced is the fork and he knows a guy. 

EDIT: Apparently it was both Sleevie and Ira’s bikes that flew off.  They are lucky as something very lucky with good luck on their lucky day to only lose a fork on this deal.  Definitely a case of the bikes overvaluing the car.

J-Rad kicked my ass for the AZ state line.  Apparently, the other fellows on our ride didn’t know the importance of state line sprints, and let him get like 6 bike lengths.  Want more excuses?  It was downhill and I only had a 12.  Anyway, I got rocked.  And not just once.  You can sprint for city and county limits pretty much every day, but state lines are worth something. 

Ira rocked a sweet combo of knee socks and knee warmers on Sunday.  Ahhh, to be new enough where you don’t own leg warmers…

I could pretty much go on all day about Krieg.  If you see him with an adult size version of Haley’s “tigger suit”; don’t be surprised.

Still working on photographic evidence for Sandy.

To be continued, or not.


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