Good Friday (aren’t they all?)

Unable to access the internet for the first two hours I was here today, so I’ll give you the short, short version of what it is that is up.

I am jealous because Kelly is going skiing today.  Her folks are in town.  However, I will keep my jealousy in check with the realization that soon I will be racing and Kelly’s “day of fun” will appear pretty minor compared to the amount of time I spend engaged in a primarily narcissistic endeavor.

EDIT:  HAHAHA, It looks like I’ll be having my own afternoon of fun.  After the busiest period at work ever the last couple weeks, things have cooled down and I am going to ride my bike home.  I heart bike rides.

Please go to and vote for me in the height-to-strength competition.  If you are my friend, you will do it.  You can’t let these new jacks come in thinking they are all hard and what-not.  You gotta break ’em down before you build ’em up, right?  No, no, no… You gotta break ’em down, before you break ’em down some more.

I will not be making my grand appearance at the Redneck Mullet Raceway tomorrow.  As previously indicated, Kelly’s folks are around, and they are leaving after fake-Easter brunch tomorrow.  So if anyone wants to do a hard ride in the U.C. in the afternoon, hit me up. 

EDIT AGAIN: Take note of my new worldwide hit tracker.  My quest for world domination continues!!!

I heart spring.


8 thoughts on “Good Friday (aren’t they all?)

  1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    You don’t want a high “height-to-strength” ratio, but rather a high “strength-to-height” ratio. You DONT want folks voting for you. Nobody picked up my joke…I figured Jared would have. But now the cat’s outta the bag.

  2. PS- Look man, it’s a contest, and I want to win! Strongest, weakest, tallest shortest, red fish, blue fish, one fish, two fish. Take that.

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