3 Foot Law


Read the comments to find out how brain dead many Utards actually are.


10 thoughts on “3 Foot Law

  1. Wow. Cycling on the road is the same as driving on the bike path. Why didn’t I think of that.

    From now on, I’ll do all of my training on the sidewalk, where physics favor cyclists over pedestrians, therefore giving us the right of way.

  2. And when I walk, I’ll do it only while hovering 12 feet in the air — thereby yielding the right of way to bigger, faster, more dangerous vehicles like bicycles.

    I have no idea what low-flying birds will have to do.

  3. And you are JUST figuring out how brain dead people are here? After all the ridiculous stuff I see people do while driving my car, it’s no wonder they can’t comprehend sharing a road (excuse me.. “their road”) with people on bicycles.

    If you want to get really chapped, go ahead and read the comments section here:


    when Santurbane got hit in Summit County. Buncha idiots out there.

  4. Wow! If I had only read this earlier. I got slapped the other day going north on the University Parkway! I knew about the 3 ft law but didn’t know we could get the plate and prosecute it? Makes me want to make an example out of someone too.

  5. I hope ass slapping is not the new trend. Particularly from vehicles to bicycles.
    Were you with us the day the dude drew his nunchuks (sp?) on us?

  6. Just when I start to be amazed at the majority of drivers who really do care about the health of cyclists, that one idiot has to totally blow it by being really stupid (aka, yelling to scare you when descending down a canyon or throwing whatever at you let alone the verbal digs).

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