Something to Look Forward to…

I am pumped for some crit racing action this weekend.  If there’s one thing we lack around here, it is crits.  Maybe because of all the week night stuff, I dunno, but I am glad that we have one.  The following week is the state crit titles, so yeah that’s two, but this weekend will be the first and last chance I’ve had to wear the state chimp jersey in state.

Unless I manage to win again.

On the other hand, I was bummed that they cancelled the Antelope Island race as that has gone really, really, ridiculously well the last two years as well.

Yeah, it’s only Wednesday and I am already talking about the weekend…



Attempted to ride into work this morning.  Front light went out about two miles into the ride.  Then, riding in the pitch black I hit a pot hole and flatted.  Changed the flat in the dark and noticed that it was getting rather late, so I rode straight over to my carpool buddy Chris’ pad instead.  Texted him to see when he was leaving, but he was already on the bus.  He jumped off the bus and rode his bike back to the house and we drove in. 

That’s all I have time for at the moment. 

Yeast Infection Canyon and whatever else

The following pictures of my wife, the squirrel whisperer, have nothing to do with this blog post.  I am not going to explain them.  You can guess.

Yeah, so Saturday was the East Canyon Road Race.  Kelly and the girls came after I told her that it wouldn’t be that cold.  35 on the start.  It’s not THAT cold, right?  Anyway, long story short I killed myself chasing Bryson and Hardwood and Hardwood won anyway.  I got dropped like a fat bag of snacks* on the way home and cruised it in.   Ehhh, some times you kick, sometimes you get kicked.  Ben was our top guy in 7th, so yeah, pretty much not awesome for the team all around. 

Watched “No Country for Old Men” that night.  Ummm, I really enjoyed it, but did they run out of budget and just end the movie in the middle of a scene or what?  Dear Coen Brothers, it’s called RESOLUTION.  Please try to include it in the future.

Sunday was a postcard day.  Took a cruisy cruise up the bike path with the girls.  Actually, it was not so cruisy cruisy as Kelly was killing me all the way up to Bridal Veil.  In my defense, I did race the day before, was pulling a trailer, and apparently suck.

Went to church after that.  I heard Haley screaming in the foyer, when she should have been in primary, and went to go investigate.  She got in trouble for not being able to sit still or somesuch, and as I am talking to her about sitting, paying attention, listening to the teacher and what not, she fires back with:

“Daddy, I can’t deny what happened in there”.

The other person within earshot starting cracking up as Haley just doesn’t speak like a normal 3 year old.  She probably speaks better than most adults. 

Went for a walk on the Provo River Trail that evening, even taking Cassidy (the dog) along.  Cassidy is ~14 now, and her hips don’t work quite so well as they did in her younger days, so the return trip was a bit arduous for her.

Then, it was home for a healthy dinner of hot dogs.  Yes, hot dogs.

Oh yeah, related to the pics below, I may tell the full story at a later date, but the part that really hurt was finishing with 4 Postal guys and still getting time cut!! 

* tm Sandy Perrins

Just Unreal…

Lots to share, but I just can’t.  Sometimes the personal and the professional are just too close for me to let the blog world in on.

Off to yEast Infection Canyon tomorrow for some hot man-on-man biking action.  It’s been another absolutely abysmal training week as I have worked through lunch every day, so we’ll see how it goes. 

Enjoy the weekend and stay classy.

Sea Otter

Where to begin?  The beginning I s’pose.

Did the big drive with my man Chris E.  He is a good guy to travel with.  Can drive the long haul and doesn’t whine.  We made it all the way to Reno for lunch at In-N-Out.  I’ll go ahead and tell you that this story ends with me 10 pounds fatter.  Waaaaahhh.

Anyway, we made it in.  We stayed at Kelly’s uncle house, which is conveniently like 4 miles from Laguna Seca.  We were pretty much worked.  Thursday was a beautiful day. Mid 70’s, light breeze.  What a tease.  Got out for a solid cruise after the expo shut down. 

The rest of the week was windy as something quite windy, highlighted by Saturday’s 40mph sustained winds.  Saturday was the day that our reinforcements arrived, so I got to do the NRC bike race.  Lemme tell ya, it is hard to feel good after standing in the wind all day long.  I sucked.  I am not saying I’d have been “the man” had I not been standing around in the wind all week, but I might have been better.  In any case, Successful Living put on a show and had 3 guys in the break with Maori Bike Warrior, Dave Clinger.  I don’t know why this race shines on them, as they pulled off a similar feat last year. 

That night we went to a party that VeloNews threw.  As most readers can imagine, I am not the awesomest at partying it up.

I got into a conversation with a pro biker chick, and she said “You’re pretty serious (about racing), right?”

My response was “not at all”, but when I think about it I should have said “Compared to some”, because like all things it is relative.  Most people on the street would say I am serious, but not compared to someone trying to make a living at it, that’s for sure.  Anyway, that’s probably a fairly irrelevant story.

Sunday was another day of standing in the wind, but thankfully it was not nearly as bad as Saturday.  We packed the crap up and I actually went out for a mountain bike ride on Jeremy’s new Niner.  It was sweet.  I think for a big dude (such as myself) 29ers are the way to go.  I’m pretty sure I’ll pop for one as soon as I have a TT bike and a track bike.  And by that I mean, not soon.

That night Chris and I went out to fancy schmancy dinner.  Yeah, it was romantic.  Seriously though, it’s pretty sad as Kelly and I have only been to such a nice place once or twice.  I am glad I married someone as cheap frugal as I.

Today we drove home.  It was arduous, but more stimulating than being in the office.  We conveniently found ourselves at In-N-Out in Reno again.

I am sure there’s lots I am forgetting.  Maybe I’ll say more later.  Maybe not.

I just re-read this post.  It is whiny.  I guess, I am just tired,  but don’t get me wrong.  I was stoked to get out of the office and to get to experience the event.  I met some really cool people, and that’s what it’s all about. 

Good times. 

Oh yeah, and I did manage to see an otter this year, so that was a bonus.