I pity the April Fool


Yesterday’s snowstorm was enough of a prank, so I’ll keep it straight forward.

I heart April because that means we finally get to race bikes here in the UT.  About a week ago, I would’ve told you my form was spot-on and I was ready to crush it, but things didn’t go according to plan (as referenced in the last post) since.  That’s good, though.  I am better off not being too confident, right?

There’s a little, tiny, minute, and small piece of me that wishes maybe I’d have done San Dumass and fRedlands, but that would have been really ugly and I guess I have to accept that my situation at the moment doesn’t really work out for that kind of trip.  For anyone who is out there getting it done, we salute you!

In any case, it is game on for April  and here’s where I’ll be getting down:

Hell of the North (Salt Lake)- April 5.  One of my favorite Utah races.  I’ve never been worse than 4th, and I’ve never won. 

Triple Valley SR- April 12-13.  Hmm, this means there is a stage race in a week and a half.  Maybe I should throw my “time trial bike” together.

Sea Otter Circuit Race- April 19.  I’m only going to do the NRC circuit race at Sea Otter as we’re only going to have two guys working the first two days of the event, so leaving for a few hours to do the road race (leaving one guy to man the booth) would be pretty rude.  I am pretty sure I’ll get worked over in the circuit race.

East Canyon- April 26.  I’ve never been “good” for this race, but maybe 5th time’s a charm.  Time will tell.

In other news, the still unknown desert allergy seems to be subsiding, so hopefully I don’t spend today semi-comatose on Benadryl like the past two days. 


4 thoughts on “I pity the April Fool

  1. Hell of the North is my least favorite road (circuit?) race in Utah. That said, I may race it anyway. If I don’t, I think I’ll just set up a lawn chair along the dirt road and watch the carnage.

  2. From what I hear the dirt road is smoother and faster than the chip seal on the rest of the course right now.
    A bit of a change from last year when you sunk 3″ upon entering the dirt.

  3. I faintly remember Turbo on my wheel as I went first into the dirt last year. I came out 20 guys back and questioning my 2 upgrade….still questioning

  4. As a newbie, I’m still scared of HoN.

    I’ll need to get my junker wheels built up with some monster tires and puncture resistant tubes.

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