FRedlands Utah G.C. Afterlogue (Post Prologue)

39. T. Burke Svindlheist- Bissell my Nizzle Pro Biking

42.  J. Lo- BMC (Barry Manilow fanClub)

104- Bryson “Loverboy” Perry- American Racers Against Drugs, Doping, Drinking and Driving

141- Gardie “White Goodman” Jackson- American Racers Against Drugs, Doping, Drinking, Driving, Dyslexia, and Dementia

161- The Hard Wood- American Racers Against Drugs, Doping, Drinking, Driving, Dyslexia, Dementia, and Dimwittedness

172- C. Hoff- American Racers Against Drugs, Doping, Drinking, Driving, Dyslexia, Dementia, Dimwittedness, and Dingleberries

I apologize if I left anyone off. 

A quick check of the Redlands Bicycle Classic prologue results would make it appear that our resident pro-bros are putting it down, while the amateur contingent has some ground to make up.  However, I think they have an advantage as it is a PROlogue.  I mean who would’ve won the Amlogue, anyway?  In any case, I predict that today’s new and not-Oak Glen stage will see this trend stopped dead in it’s tracks.  Or continue.  I am pretty sure it will be one or the other.

Don’t bother staying tuned here as I probably won’t continue this thread.  Do check real news sources to see how our boys are fairing.

 Put it down, fellas!!

8 thoughts on “FRedlands Utah G.C. Afterlogue (Post Prologue)

  1. Sam sez Burke was in the break today and top 5.

    Gardie sez he is on the bubble for time cut, and that Bryson and Hardwood are in the clear for sure.

  2. Burke was just telling us the other week how he’d done fRedlands 15X and it never shined on him… Maybe this is his year.

  3. Wow, and look someone else commented too, so I’m not totally pathetic racing Redlands vicariously through these guys… right??

  4. Reid Mumford, Kelly Benefits, is a Utah pro. He struggled in the TT
    Prologue — 189 Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strat/Medifast) 2.49.48
    Stage 1 — 97 Reid Mumford Kelly Benefit Strat/Medifast 00:05:02

    Santurbane is also on the list, riding for the Giant Strawberries. And doing quite well.
    Prologue — 56 Mark Santurbane (Cal Giant Farms/Specialized) 0.43.35
    Stage 1 — 66 Mark Santurbane Cal Giant Farms/Specialized 00:03:14

  5. Only current Utah residents are eligible for the turbocycling G.C. These fools will have to move back if they want in on the action.

  6. point taken. Santa’s a california boy now.

    But Mumford is Cottonwood High and U of U grad. He still lists SLC as his hometown but is in grad school out of state. I think we should still claim him.

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