Can’t Win…

As if the outbreak the Unholy Hungarian Field Rash last week was not enough, I have now been struck down by a horrible case of the Venetian Hacking Bird Flu.  Which I guess is like a cold, but where you cough up a lot of gnarlinesses.

In any case, barring a severe turn for the worse, I am down for the Triple Valley Girl Stage Race this weekend.  It looks like we’ll see a decent turn-out and the weather looks fantastic.  Not that either of those factors would influence my decision to ride.

At least I get to wear the UCA Leader’s Jersey for a day.

Then, I have two days to get ready and it’s “on the road again” to See Squatters.  I’d really like to be healthy by the time I leave…

I should probably steal Sleevie’s TT bike today, being that I am supposed to race it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Can’t Win…

  1. Quit yer belly achin’… I’m just excited I get to ride my bike right now and my black eyes are gone. 🙂

    I’d come do a special race cheer for you but I have a bike to ride and yard work to do. Not that you are any less important than yard work but it has to be done. And it’s a lot closer to my house.

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